Monday, August 27, 2012

Oops, I didn’t see that….

So, it’s late last night, well late for me, 11pm, I was up reading, went to the computer in the sunroom, started for the living room, tripped over an “object” that DH had put by the side of the chair, fell kersplat, knocked the “object” clear to Sunday, knocked over the chair, and there I laid,  sprawled spread eagle on the floor.  No, I didn’t hurt anything but my dignity, and even that wasn’t so bad since LC was in bed and nobody saw me.  But it just irks the heck out of me when I do stupid things, which is pretty much  I could have hurt myself, but luckily I didn’t, I’m not even sore this morning.

But at least I’m not alone, check out these old(er) people, they’ve had a few “kersplat” moments of their own.

Happy Monday!


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