Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey Everybody, I’m BA-ACK!!!!

That’s what Abby tells us now as she comes downstairs after her nap.  Of course we’re all thrilled to see her, and probably a lot more excited to hear her say those words than all of you are going to be when you read this.

It’s been a busy week here at the OK Corral.


Friends came over this week for a morning of Clabber (card game).  I made King Arthur Flour’s Morning Glory Muffins,  had everything on the patio ready to go, we sat down, and Dawn, the lovely lady on the right got stung on the cheek by a wasp  before she even got to take a bite.  My  neighbor Trish ran over to her house to get some kind of electronic wasp zapper, came back and was fighting the nasty stinging insects with her zapper paddle and they stung her twice on the hand before we discovered a nest under the table.  Hubby came to the rescue with wasp spray, and we were ready to play.  Except…

We couldn’t find Maggie anywhere, the patio is enclosed, but apparently she got out of the gate during all the wasp commotion.  We looked all over the house, no Mags, and finally a panicked Jan located her over at the neighbors sniffing the light pole where Ozzie, the lab likes to hike his leg.

In the meantime we had let Butterbean out to play on the patio, where he promptly mowed down my black eyed susans, and then kept darting to the top of the waterfall, where we all thought he might jump to freedom.  Of course there was no catching the little scamp, so we just started our game and hoped for the best.  He finally wore himself out and hubby was able to put the little rascal back in his house.


My friend, Diane came over yesterday with sweet Miley, her four pound Yorkie.  Miley is from the same breeder as Maggie, Trish’s London is, too, and oh what sweet little souls they all are.  They are so cute when the are playing together, it’s enough to melt any dog lover’s heart, just watching them together.  That’s Diane holding the dogs, my Maggie on the left with her tongue out, her Miley on the right. 


Then fast forward to this morning.  Trish had told me that the hummingbirds were “flocking” to the mimosa tree down by the woods that is blooming again.  The honeysuckle is also in bloom, we can’t figure out why.  It never blooms twice in the summer, but then this hasn’t been a “normal” summer.

So I grab my coffee, pick up my camera and with Maggie in tow,  I’m off for a photo op with all those hummingbirds.  Right…  It was 8am, and there wasn’t a hummingbird in sight.  I called Trish on the phone, she said maybe they weren’t awake yet.  Awake yet?  It was 8am for pete’s sake.  Then Maggie started whining because she needed to potty, and the hawks were circling, so no way was I going to let her do it, so we came home, where she promptly came in the house and instead of using her piddle pad, she proceeds to pee by the french door going to the patio.  Was she mad at me?  Ya think?  She never does that!

So about 10am Trish calls to tell me that the hummingbirds had arrived, so I grabbed my camera and trekked once again to the woods.  Her idea of hummingbirds “flocking” was one little bitchy female that kept running off all the other birds, and was impossible to photograph.


All I managed to capture was one lonely little butterfly before I called it a day and came home.

So here I sit, anxious to watch Clint Eastwood tonight, it will be interesting to see what he has to say.  I’m drinking a coke, that was frozen, it has now spewed all over my desk, and is dripping onto my jeans.

Fascinating entry, isn’t it.  I told you it would be more fun to hear Abby say, “Hey everybody, I’m back!”


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