Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pottery Barn Bulletin Board for a Fraction of the Cost…


This one is $149 + $21 shipping, hubby can make this easily with great fabric for under $50!

And since I couldn’t handle being inside any longer,  we went out this morning, and trekked to our local fabric stores in search of fabric, because I’ve decided that now is the time to put a bulletin board in the sunroom behind my computers, something I’ve wanted to do for-ever.

I found the above one from Pottery Barn that I like really well, but I don’t like the price – $149 + shipping.  It’s so simple, hubby can make this for me, no problem.  It’s big 48x36, which is what I want, a great big one so I can put all my treasures on it.  I even have a clock to go inside it, and it’s much neater than the one in the picture ;o)

But what do I need for the bulletin board base, cork maybe?  Well, thanks to online shopping, I found this Designer Tack Bulletin Board in stock at our local Menards for $12.99.  How cheap is that?  It’s 48 x 32, just a bit shorter than the Pottery Barn 48 x 36, but it will work fine.


It’s great, push pins will dig into it nicely, it has no frame, which is what we want, since LC will build me a frame for it out of 1.5” boards, then we will attach the fabric by stapling it to the back of the frame, and I will end up with something looking similar to the Pottery Barn one, which is like a painting stretched on canvas, with no wood showing on the edges.

Depending on the fabric, I may need to line it with drapery fabric liner to add body, but I don’t want it puffy, so that’s yet to be determined.

And now for the fabric.  There is tons of linen at the fabric stores, the prices are cheap, but, let’s kick this up a notch.  Here are the choices that I’ve narrowed it down to.

document fabric 001

This fabric is called Document, and it comes in beige with chocolate letters, like the above picture, or…


It also comes in this taupe and charcoal combination.


And then there is this fabric, Love Nest Cedar, which is awesome because it not only has script, but it has birds on branches, and this bulletin board will be right by  my window, where the finches feed.

So, even though I like the second fabric, and love the birds, I have to decide if I need to buy the first fabric, because the background color is similar to my walls in my living room, or the second color, which seems to match the sunroom better.  I love the birds but they are too fussy.  Oh decisions, decisions…

Okay, let’s talk money.  So far I have $13 plus tax invested in my tack bulletin board from Menard.  A yard of this fabric is $17, (it’s 55” wide, so no seams) and I can buy it at The Fabric House in Nashville.  Then LC has to buy boards to build the frame, that will cost approximately $10.  The only additional expense will be if I need to buy fabric to line this, and that’s cheap, $5.00.

So, my total cost to make this will be under $50, I’ll save at least $120 by not buying the one from Pottery Barn, and I think the french script will be a better look for my room than the plain linen.

However, you could do it with the plain linen or burlap and knock off even more money, because linen/burlap is around $5.99 a yard. 


Now my very favorite bulletin board is this one, I just love this, it’s also from Pottery Barn but no longer available.  It’s too rustic for my sunroom, but some of you might like to try and duplicate it.  It’s just so cool! The rusty bars are just drapery dowel rods that they’ve spray painted with Old World Gold/Bronze Paint.

So that’s whats going on in my little corner of the world.  It will take a few days to accomplish this, I’ll post pictures afterwards, and we’ll see how this all shakes out.

Weather is cooling off today, it’s only 105 degrees.  Angry smile

~ Jan


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