Saturday, November 20, 2010

Now where is that toy department, It's around here somewhere

My mommy taught me how to shop, and I'm really good at it, too..

Date Night...

Since I was a teenager, I've always thought of Friday night as date night.  And with hubby's work schedule in recent years, they've been far and few between.  But that's all changed, and now we can go out again on Friday night.

Here we are last night, doesn't he look thrilled?  Do you think he even wants to date me??  I'm thinking by the looks of this picture, maybe not, he doesn't look very happy.   I,  however, was absolutely estatic to be  going out on Friday night!  We were supposed to double date with Rich and V, but they were grounded and couldn't go.

And how was my evening?  Well, we went to Deerhead, where I had a catfish sandwich that I "thought" I wanted, but I was drooling at everybody else scarfing down ooey gooey pizza.  So I decided right then and there that I want pizza for my birthday dinner next week.  Got that family, pizza, preferably John's homemade, which is the best pizza in the world, seriously, it is!

Then we went to the movies, saw Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps, which I thought hubby would enjoy, and he did.  However, yours truly thought it was the most gawdawful movie I've ever seen in my life.  All that Wall Street lingo, I was lost from the beginning.  But he's sat through enough chick flicks with me, that it didn't hurt me to watch this.  Compromise, remember.

And it was fun to get out, and he did tell me I looked nice and opened my car door for me, so all in all, it was an "okay" date.  I think I'll go out with him again, if he asks...

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hubby is retired now, yesterday was his last day working.  It sounds strange even saying it, and we're both still trying to absorb it all.  He says he doesn't feel retired, and I've been preparing for this for months now, but now that it's actually here, it's ummmm, interesting?

I've had a lot of advice from girlfriends.  My friend Mary said it best when she said "when they first retire, it's a dance, with you both trying to figure out the steps."  

Another friend suggested that we each have our own room and that the other doesn't enter without permission.  I mentioned this to LC, so he has been standing at the sunroom door, waving at me.  Somehow I don't think that's going to work.  But I've always been a pretty good dancer, I think I'll give that a try first.

I think our biggest challenge will be the difference in schedules and energy levels.  He gets up before dawn, goes like a bat outta hell until noon, eats lunch, then collapses in his recliner watching the Western Channel and napping.

I prefer to get up between seven and eight, be quiet for the next half hour or so, have my coffee and begin my day.  This morning he was cleaning out the dishwasher at 7am with the television blaring.  And although it was great that he did that, I would have rather him done it a bit later.  And so it begins. 

Retirement means compromising for both of us, kind of like when we were first married.  Well, not exactly, but you get my drift.  It will be interesting for awhile, then we will settle into a routine, I'm sure and get on with it.  The kids are thrilled that we can visit on weekends now, we're so happy that he doesn't have to work holidays, which means I don't have to cook that darned turkey anymore, we will go to their houses.

I was an only child, I made every holiday dinner all these years, so I'm more than ready to let the younger generation take over.  We're going to John and Deanna's next week.  They are happily planning it all out,  and I'm happily letting them.  I will just play with Abby and let them go for it.  And hubby, will he be relaxing? Of course not, he will be up before dawn, doing a major reorganization in John's garage.  He's absolutely thrilled to have a project.  And me, I'll be sleeping, hopfully until eight...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Check out the threads…


Can you guess who bought her this outfit??? Of course you can, yep it was me, Grammie!

A girl is never to young to wear a bit of leopard you know.

Look at how long her hair is getting.  Is there going to be another redhead in our family, or is it the lighting.  I’m thinking red curls may be in our future…

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