Friday, July 23, 2010

Guess who’s coming for her very first sleepover with Grammie?

abby6.25.10Abby Leigh!  Ryan and Lindsay are going out of town to a wedding tomorrow night, and bebe granddaughter is staying with me, well LC, too of course, but he’s working!  Oh, what a fun weekend I have ahead of me!!!!

Call to see if she’s napping girlfriends, if she’s not, stop over!!!

Remember this? Seals and Croft, Summer Breeze

Maidenform Women’s Control It! Built up Camisole


I’ve blogged many times about various types of body shapers, all the way from Spanx to Shapee’s, I’ve tried them all over the years, and so has Nisha.

Well, she never found one she liked until now.  She called me this week just raving about this Maidenform Women’s Control It, her girlfriends are wearing these every day and loving them.  She says when it’s on, it’s really comfortable, and they’re on sale this week at Kohl’s.  Buy one, get one half price.

So of course I hotfoot it down to Kohl’s, because if she likes this thing it has to be good.  I dragged hubby along with me, he’s somewhere in the store, I grab the style in this picture, there is also a spaghetti strapped one, a full cami, and one that goes underneath your bra, and I’m off to the dressing room.  Nisha warned me that it’s really skinny, but that it stretches when you put it on.  Umhmmmm, sure it does.

I was pretty skeptical as this thing was no bigger than a leg warmer (oh, that’s a blast from the past) but I take off my shirt and begin the laborious process of putting it on.  I twist and I turn and I struggle and I finally get it on, willing the damn thing to stretch before I have to take it off, all the while little warning bells are going off in my head, which I’m choosing to ignore.  I put on my shirt, yeah, the fat looks smoother, the girls are smashed, too, which is fine by me, and I stay in the dressing room for a minute, thinking it will magically stretch before I start pulling it over my head, but no such luck! I’m trying to get out of it, and it’s like Houdini trying to escape from chains, I finally manage to get it above my boobs and get my arms out of it, but I’m stuck.  I’m hopelessly, totally stuck!  This thing is not going to go over my head.

So I call hubby on the cell, tell him he has to come to the dressing room, thank goodness it was early, nobody was around, cause’ he had to take the thing off of me, and to hurry because I’m getting claustrophobic.

He didn’t even comment, bless his heart, he’s lived with me enough years to know I get myself in worse situations than this, he just yanked it over my head and left.

And did I put it back on the rack?????  Of course not, I bought it!  It’s gonna stretch, I just know it!!!!  Lord have mercy, what am I thinking???

If you’re interested, here’s the Amazon link, but the sale at Kohl’s is through the weekend.  And it’s not with the bras, it’s on a side wall with the foundation garments.  They have some Maidenform cami’s that are $18, that’s not what you’re looking for, this one was $34.00.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is there anything better than a late breakfast on a summer morning. A mug of coffee, bacon, eggs over easy, fresh tomato, green onions, green pepper slices and toast with blackberry jam. Life is good....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ComfortIs Review…

I talked a few months ago about my fur kids and our battles with the dreaded fleas.  Maggie is allergic to Advantix, so we used Frontline Plus, it would work for two weeks, and the fleas would return.  We bombed the house, washed the bedding, put that FrontLine on faithfully, and yet the fleas persisted.

So, at the advise of Angi, for whom I shall always be grateful, I tried ComfortIs.  It’s a fairly new flea med, prescription only, under $15 a month, and it’s a pill.  No more putting that liquid on their backs and not being able to bathe them for days, you just give them this beef flavored pill and the fleas die within 30 minutes and don’t come back!

Well, is it working???  YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!  It really works!!!!!  For the first time in ages, we haven’t seen those pesky little devils on the girls.  I’m sold, it’s a great product, you do have to administer it on a full stomach or they can upchuck.  That happened to Mags once, about two hours after she had taken it, but we were safe, it’s effective after an hour, and she only threw up the one time, probably because her tummy wasn’t as full as it should have been.  So now I feed them immediately after a meal.

It doesn’t have heartworm protection, that’s the only disadvantage, but this is by far the best produce I’ve found.  So if you’re having problems with your canine buddies this summer, you might want to try this.  It’s a good thing…

~ jan

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