Saturday, May 8, 2010

Must see tv….

Betty White is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight.  Can’t miss this, it’s a once in a lifetime must see….

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wow, I must be doing something right....

I don't bake often anymore, and I always "forget" to buy something at the store.  The family is coming in for Mother's Day, and even though I'm not cooking, it wouldn't be Mom if I didn't have dessert for them.

I went to the store today, got what I needed, put it on the counter tonight.  Oops, I forgot to buy vanilla.  Looked on a top shelf, there sat a new bottle.  Whew.  I read my recipe, I need two cups of sugar.  Drats, the sugar canister is almost empty.  I look on a shelf in my pantry and shoved to the back is a whole new 5 lb. sack of sugar.  Whew.  Oh-oh, I need powdered sugar for the frosting, I KNOW I don't have enough.  OMG, I found a WHOLE unopened box.

What's going on here?  I lucked out three times.  Never happens, EVER.  I think I have hubby to thank for this, he's always replenishing supplies for me. 

So life is good tonight, I don't have to run back to the store for anything.  ~ jan

It's just a name, in the overall scheme of things, does it matter?

Okay, ladies, think back to before Abby was born.  Remember how I saw that cute little Grandma on QVC selling jelly a few years ago, the one who called herself Nana Sugar, and I decided then and there that was what I wanted to be when I had a grandchild.

Remember how appalled my family was?  They vetoed that bigtime.  Lindsay said she wasn't going to get pregnant if I was going to call myself Nana Sugar, and I wanted that grandchild really bad, so I relented and thought of every name in the book that I wanted Abby to call me before finally deciding on "Grammie."  And you know what, it fits, it feels right, I don't even think about being Nana Sugar anymore.

And they remind me all the time that ultimately, Abby will be the one to decide what she wants to call me.  I realize that from experience, for years John called my mother, Mongo.  She would sit in front of him, drilling him constantly, saying, "Grannnndma" and he would look at her and say, "Monnnnnnngo."

So now I have it figured out that I will look at Abby and say "Grammmmmmie," and she just might look back at me and say, "Mammmmmmy."  Oh, wouldn't that be a trip if she decides to call me Mammy!  Hey, that was what I called my great grandma, she was Mammy Smith.

And that little devil sitting on my shoulder hopes she does because Ryan would just be horrified.  And John would roll on the floor laughing.  And what would Lindsay think about this?  I don't know, she's mellowed a lot lately, you'll have to ask her. 

Time will tell, it won't be too many more months before she starts calling me "something."  And no doubt I'll have a video of it, too.  Can't wait...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Amazing Ross Sisters

This video has been circulating the web.  If you haven't watched it, you will be totally blown away.  The beginning is a bit slow, don't give up on it, it's awesome.  ~ jan

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Abby is almost seven months old now and she's changing so quickly.  She sits up by herself, she stands, holding on to a hard surface with her hand, she babbles and blows bubbles, and squeals with joy.

She's discovered the joy of eating, oatmeal with fruit, veggies, bananas, applesauce, she's a little bottomless pit.

She's holding her own bottle, mimicking the sounds Linds and Ryan make, and, best of all, she's sleeping all night.

Lindsay's parents are visiting from Washington State this week.  I'm so happy that they get to see this precious little child, Linds was so excited for them to come.  I get to see her on Mother's Day, if anybody is in the neighborhood, stop by for a cuddle...

Welcome to MacJournal!


To get started, create a new entry by clicking on “New Entry” in the toolbar or choosing “New Entry” from the File menu. You can also drag files from the Finder in to the Sidebar or the Entries list to import them as an entry. Show the Inspector from the View menu to see settings for the current entry, journal, and document.

What's new in version 5?

  • All new interface, built for Mac OS X Leopard.
  • Add any kind of content, not just text. Drag PDFs, QuickTime movies, images, and more into the Sidebar to create an entry with anything on your computer.
  • Open more than one MacJournal document at a time and save them wherever you want, or just use the default document and never worry about saving.
  • Create Smart Journals from searches you perform.
  • Create aliases to entries that you can store in other journals.
  • Assign each entry a rating, status, and priority, and sort any journal by those values.
  • Record video from your iSight and attach it to any entry.
  • Performance enhancements for working with large numbers of entries.

I'm a tuna kinda girl....

I remember when I was in my forties, and my co-workers and I made fun of this lady who is the age I am now, that ate a tuna fish sandwich every single day for lunch. We thought it was absurd.

Well ya know what, girls, I could happily eat a tuna sandwich, Lays Light Chips and a piece of fruit every single day for the rest of the summer.I've turned into THAT lady!

Law-dee, who woulda thunk it...

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