Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

No time to blog….

I need to change my header, put up a new slide show, add entries to Jan Can Cook and Eating Right.

Instead I’ve been to Louisville to the dentist, major work looming.  Sinus lift, bone graft, implants.  Oh fun…

It’s literally been the week from hell, oh, my purse was stolen, too.  Blogging has been on the back burner, I’ll get it in gear again, check back, I’m still kicking…


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monty’s Joy Juice


This plant  food is apparently “da bomb” girlfriends.  The company is based out of Louisville, my neighbor uses it, and her fleurs are beautiful, and tomatoes are huge.  She swears by the stuff!

Here’s the click.  Catchy name, huh? *wicked grin*


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Strawberry Smoothies, best thing EVER!!!!!

I talk about these on my Eating Right blog, but if you don’t read it, you’re missing out on the best treat of the summer.

Take a cup of frozen strawberries (50 calories) , 3/4 cup of Dannon Lite & Fit Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt (110 calories per cup) (I buy it in the large containers) 3 packets of Splenda, put all in a blender, or your Magic Bullet, if you have one, whir it until smooth, and you have this wonderful thick ice cream like concoction.  It’s absolutely wonderful, you would never know it’s healthy, it’s only 2 WW points, or if you count calories, it’s under 150 calories.  Even if you don’t eat healthy, you’ll love this – totally awesome.  I cut the frozen berries in half, they blend easier.  I don’t add skim milk or soy milk to this, but if you would prefer it not so thick you could add probably 1/8 or 1/4 cup.  But why anybody would want to thin this down is beyond me.  It’s great just eating it with a spoon.  Any frozen fruit works, frozen bananas, pineapple, peaches, raspberries or a combo of fruits.  This stuff is totally yummy, totally decadent, but without the guilt!  Pinkie swear…


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Love is…

imageWhen you’re on a road trip and hubby goes in the grocery store to buy you a healthy, low fat,  lunch to eat in the car, instead of driving thru fast food for junk!  And even better, it was his idea, and he didn’t complain about it…

Why eat in the car?  We had the M&M’s, it was so hot, I didn’t want to have to put them in their Sherpa carrier and take them in a restaurant, and besides, I’ve always loved to eat in the car…  

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Monday, June 15, 2009

It’s those simple things. again…

A refreshing shower, the smell of  baby lotion on my skin, the sting of Carmex on my lips, a glass of iced water with lemon, a good book, a comfy bed, the M&M’s nestled against my side,  hubby snoozing beside me.  I’m feeling pure joy right now…

It doesn’t take a lot to make my day night, I’m such a cheap date…

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Furminator, it’s a very good thing…

Heads up, girlfriends, obviously I have stumbled onto something here…  If you have dogs that shed, which thankfully, my Yorkies don’t, but most of you do, there is a product called The Furminator that removes up to 90% of excessive pet hair.  Just link to their website, lots of information about it, even a video of a dog being groomed with it.

I heard about it last week on Martha Stewart Radio.  The vet show was on and they were discussing how good it was.  This weekend, I was looking at one of my FaceBook friend’s page, she was commenting about her shedding dogs, so I told her about this.

Another one of her friends read it, went right out and bought this tool, and here’s what he has to say about it -

Just bought a Furminator for Titus. FANTASTIC! When I was done our deck looked like one of those photos. It's the best gadget I've ever had for trimming a dog.

You can probably buy this deshedder locally, at your pet store, there is a store locator on their site, several stores in Heavensville sell them, including PetSmart.  It’s also available from Amazon, of course it is, absolutely  everything is available from Amazon.  It’s not expensive, just $20 or so, and well worth it to get rid of pet hair in your house!

The girls are doing well with their Natural Instincts Flea and Tick Spray.  I give them a bath, dry them, then saturate them with the spray.  I work it into their skin really well, especially the pads of their feet and legs, around their tail and behind their ears, then I blot the excess with a towel, and comb them and put them in front of the fan until they dry.  I don’t want to use the blow dryer on them after I soak them with it, I’m afraid it might be too harsh.

I’m getting used to them smelling like cloves, and they could care less what they smell like! I’m not seeing any fleas, and since they are little dogs, the bottle will last forever.

I had a few questions, so I called their company.  I was concerned about them licking themselves and ingesting some of the product, but they assured me that it’s 100% safe, non-toxic, I have nothing to worry about.  There is also the usual blurb on the bottle about not getting it in your eyes, flushing your skin with water, etc., but they told me that 99% of people and dogs have no problem.  The representative says she uses it on herself because it repels mosquitoes.

Did I blog part of this already, about the smell, calling the company and the mosquito repellent?  It seems vaguely familiar.  Oh well, I’m old, I’m senile, ignore me…

I had been applying it with rubber gloves, but she said no need to do that either, so I applied it with my hands, and she was right.  No irritation whatsoever, in fact, it made my hands really soft. 

It conditions their coat, but does not leave it greasy.  That was a big no-no for me, if it did, I want them fluffy, not greasy!  It just soaks in, and they are soft and shiny, like always.  What I don’t understand  is why they get fleas anyway!  They are much too cute for nasty old fleas to bother them…  Well, they are!

I’m outta here, gonna to go outdoors and sing in the sunshine.  If any of you try The Furminator, let me know what you think…


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