Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Nora Roberts movie tonight, Midnight Bayou

In the Nora Roberts movie "Midnight Bayou," Harvard-educated lawyer Declan Fitzpatrick (Jerry O'Connell) impulsively gives up his settled life to buy Manet Hall, a newly restored plantation manor near New Orleans to which he has always found himself drawn. Legend has it that the house is haunted, and shortly after Declan moves in he starts hearing voices and seeing things. Declan is also distracted by an undeniable attraction to Cajun local Lena Simone (Lauren Stamile), who grew up on the bayou with her grandmother Odette (Faye Dunaway) and has her own deep connection to the manor.

Why am I tweeting so much?

I haven’t a clue.  Maybe it’s my age, when a thought pops in my head, I have to act fast or I forget it.  It’s so easy to just click on my little Twitter shortcut and since I can only type 140 characters, I can do it before I forget what I’m talking about.

I’m so enamored with it that I’ll be putting up a link on Jan Can Cook this weekend for YummyTweets.  I’ll Twitter about food.  I know, it’s really pathetic.  But it does alleviate boredom…

Friday, March 27, 2009

In defense of Octomom, for a change…

Like everybody else, I’m shocked at what has transpired with this woman.  The subject has been talked to death, why she did it, the sperm donor, the spendy shopping trip to MAC, the relationship with her mother, and the physical impossibility of being able to take care of and nurture fourteen children.  And what about that Jacuzzi she purchased?  Could it be that the woman has back problems from carrying all those babies?  Sure, it sounds extravagant, but can we not give her the benefit of the doubt here, just once, maybe it was legitimate?

You can’t turn back time, these children are here now, they have to be taken care of, and the media is ruthlessly exploiting this woman because it’s monetarily lucrative for them to do so.  Every single thing she does is under the microscope, there will be no normal life. Even before any of these children were released from the hospital the media was talking about taking them away from her.  Give the woman a chance, people, just back off!

It is a circus, no doubt about it, but I can’t really fault her for promoting herself.  She has a lot of mouths to feed, and she needs a lot of money to do it.  I don’t think we should play the blame game, because she is promoting her family for money.  It’s better than the taxpayers having to pick up the tab.  which is the alternative.  I actually feel sorry for her.  We all judge her, myself included, but there seems to be absolutely no compassion for her.  Yeah, I get it, it was wrong what she did, horribly wrong, and mental issues might be involved, who knows, but she should at least have a chance to prove us wrong, and only time will tell how that works out.  But it was also horribly wrong for the doctor to impregnate her with all of those embryos, yet you hear little about him, he’s going on with his life, practicing medicine with few repercussions that we know about.

I do agree with her for getting rid of the nannies that Gloria Allred put in her home.  Gloria Allred, in my opinion,  is a conniving, self-serving bitch who will do anything to further her own personal gain.  And now one of the nurses is speaking out, saying that Naydia  is more interested in the media than the children and only looks after them when cameras are rolling.  I somehow doubt that, I really do.   I saw a recent clip of her cradling one of the babies, holding it’s tiny head in her hand and kissing it over and over again.  It looked totally normal, like something a caring mother would do.  She was very natural and loving with the infant, not “posed” for the camera as the media suggests. The woman also said there were “unacceptable conditions” in the home.  That part  is probably true, it must be utter chaos until they get all of the babies home, trying to get a routine going and finding a daily schedule that works. 

And why is  the nurse talking to the media in the first place?   Why is Gloria Allred talking to the media?  Could it be for *gasp* publicity for Ms. Allred, or maybe the nurse will get money for talking.  Will she write a book?  It makes me ill, just thinking about these women. Shame on them!

And now I’ll shut up about all of this, I’ll leave it to Nancy Grace to dissect over and over and over again.  And yes, it will be interesting to watch this all unfold, it is the ultimate reality show, you have to admit….  And the babies are precious, let’s not forget that, those sweet little faces peering out of their blankets would melt any woman’s heart.  We can only hope that she gets all the help she needs and that all of her children are loved. 

As women and mothers ourselves, I hope we can find compassion for this young mother who has this enormously insurmountable task ahead of her, and wish her well instead of  bashing her relentlessly and prejudging her when we really don’t know the true facts. All we know is what the media is force  feeding us, and sensationalism sells, that is one fact we do know for certain….

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I’m saving major money on my grocery bill at Aldi’s…. I’m totally red faced about it.  Okay. I admit it, I’m a food snob.  I’m not a coupon clipper either… I’ve never liked store brands, detest cereal in those plastic bags, and avoid discount food stores such as  Sav-a-Lot like the plague.  So when Aldi’s came to town last month, I smugly went there and bought my produce, feeling sorry for the poor souls who piled their carts high with groceries, while I trotted off to the “grocery store” to buy my familiar brands.

Aldi’s isn’t new to me, we’ve had it in surrounding towns for years.  Mother was always a huge fan, and the boys and I would laugh about all of the strange brands in her pantry.

But, because of the great prices in their produce section, I started shopping there.  I was buying the same size package of fresh strawberries that sold at my local Schnucks for $3.99 for $1.00 at Aldi’s.  And fresh pineapples were under $2.00.  Celery was $.79, and everything was great quality,  nothing dated, or bruised and shriveled, it was just like produce from my regular market.  I was really impressed.  On a whim, I Googled Aldi’s, and quickly found out that they owned Trader Joes.  Trader Joes, my very favorite, cheap health food store.  Imagine that, no wonder Trader Joes had such good prices!  And their stuff is wonderful!  Reading further, people were absolutely gushing about the quality of the food from Aldi’s, how the quality equaled name brands, so Jan, the food snob, sucked it up and started buying their frozen green beans,.  That was my first purchase from the freezer case, tiny, whole green beans, haricot vertes, for $1.39 a pound.  You can’t even buy haricot vertes, except in gourmet food stores in this part of the country and they are really pricey… Oh my, they were wonderful, young tender, just delicious.  So I started filling my cart with other items.  $1.39 for a block of colby jack cheese.  Oh, it tastes just like Kraft, amazing.  Eggs for $.89, milk for $2.85 a gallon.  Even their tiny peas for $.69 a can tasted like Le Seur’s which are $1.39 a can at the grocers.  Shocking… I went totally Aldi’s crazy.

I’m no longer buying food from the grocery store, except for meat at the meat market, and a few items that I can’t find at Aldi’s.  It’s like a treasure hunt every time I go there.  This week I bought cream of chicken soup for $.45 a can, Campbell’s is $1.26 at the grocery store, it tastes the same.  All of the stuff tastes great, I can’t tell any difference in quality at all!

Angi, who usually shops at Wal-Mart for her family, started going, also.  She figured her bill and she’s saving 50% over what she was spending at Wal-Mart.  And we all know that Wal-Mart is cheaper than a regular grocery store.

So, I’m once again a smug food snob, with a twist.  I now trot into Aldi’s weekly, armed with my canvas shopping bags.  I’m buying quality food,  and I’m doing it on the cheap.  I wouldn’t be doing this if the food tasted even a little bit inferior, but it doesn’t, at all.  Looks like Mother knew what she was doing after all…

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did you ever find a four-leafed clover???

Four Leaf Clover - Four Leaf Clover PictureSadly, I never have, the four-leafed clover has eluded me my entire life.  I remember the lazy days of the summers of my girlhood, sitting barefoot, in shorts and a sleeveless shirt, with my friends in a patch of clover, combing thru every leaf, looking for the rare speciman, while we talked about our dreams and the sun warmed our backs and streaked our summer bleached hair.

Some were lucky enough to find them, and  they would save them to press in the yellowing celluloid picture holders in their wallets, often in front of a boyfriend, or a hope-to-be’s photograph…

But not me, I never found even one.  And this spring, as I take the M&M’s for their potty runs, and they frisk in the clover field just down the road, while I’m waiting for them to do their doggie doo’s, I find myself still picking thru the clover, hoping that someday I will finally get lucky.

Wouldn’t it be thrilling, if I could find just one, and maybe I will, someday.  Hope springs eternal, you know…

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ta tas and tattoos…. at 64!

When I get older, losing my hair,
Many years from now,
Will you still be sending me a Valentine
Birthday greetings, bottle of wine?

It’s a catchy little tune, we can all identify with, but I wonder if many of these thirty something year old women aren’t going to look  really silly when they’re sixty-four.

I saw a cute little thing today, putting groceries in her trunk, exposing her backside complete with tribal tattoos.  Those tattoos don’t look so great now, what in the hell will they look like when her skin starts to sag?

And implants?  OMG, can you imagine a sixty-four,  make that seventy-four year old, whose body has gone so far south it’s in Cuba with perky t*ts?  Will that be cute?  Will they want to show all that firm cleavage, sandwiched  between crepey skin and age spots? Oh, but they aren’t going to look old, ever.  They are going to eat right, smother their skin with exotic lotions and potions  and exercise themselves silly and age won’t happen to them.  They will always look as good as they do now.   Rightey-roo.  Umm, hmmmm, sure thing…

We all know what’s coming down the pike, I guess all these women are living in the moment, did we do that at their age???  I’m sure we did…

It’s a shame I won’t be around to see them in their golden years…  Of course when they are sixty, we’ll be approachig ninety.  Forget them, can you imagine what we will look like if we are still alive???  Well at least we don’t have implants and tattoos to deal with.  Well, most of us won’t anyway…

It was sweatshirt weather this morning…

I’ve loved sweatshirts my whole life.  From the time I was sixteen and Mother ordered two short sleeved ones for me in the spring, one lime green, one yellow, and a pair of khaki jeans from the Sears catalog, I’ve loved them.

I was out and about this morning, took Milly down to the creek, sat on her and ate breakfast, raisin toast and coffee, while wearing my favorite for years now, a gray, Ralph Lauren zip front hoodie sweatshirt.

It’s probably because it was a good brand that it has endured so many washings.  I’ve worn it so much, and it’s always what I grab first.  I don’t know how much life is still left in it, hopefully it will make it a few more years, because there is nothing like breakfast on the golf cart, on a crisp spring morning, with that sweatshirt keeping the chill away…

Monday, March 23, 2009

I think my inner child ran away…..

Why am I not more enthusiastic about spring?  I have my moments, but not feeling the joy.  I think it’s because I know that it will get cold again.  Even though I cruised the garden center, I didn’t buy anything,  experience has taught me not to plant until the last week of April, preferably the first week of May if I can wait that long.

I’m excited about planting knockout roses, but they won’t be arriving until the first of May, I’m told, so I wait…

Patience isn’t my strong point, that’s probably why the enthusiasm isn’t there.  Weather forecast isn’t good either, rain forecasted all week.

Maybe hubby and I will go to the movies, we haven’t been in such a long time, and I do want to see that new Julia Roberts flick, even though Trisher said it was a stinko…

Maybe, if I’m really lucky,  I’ll find my inner child, and take her to the movies….   Hmmmm, I wonder if that film is rated PG?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Your giggle of the day…

1st woman: Hi! My name is Jane.
2nd woman: Hi! I'm Sylvia. How'd you die?
1st woman: I froze to death.
2nd woman: How horrible!
1st woman: It wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm & sleepy, & finally died a peaceful death. What about you?
2nd woman: I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den watching TV.
1st woman: So, what happened?
2nd woman: I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic & searched, & down into the basement. Then I went through every closet & checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, & finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack & died.
1st woman: Too bad you didn't look in the freezer---we'd both still be alive.

Small Town USA

I’m old enough to remember towns just like this.  Thanks cuz, for sending this, it’s spectacular…


White Trash Cooking….

I’ve been known as a White Trash cook. I have, just ask my family…  My love of Velveeta, Miracle Whip and Crisco Frosting have firmly ensconced me in the White Trash Hall of Fame. 

I actually bought this cookbook a few years back, and believe it or not, I can relate to a lot of it, right down to the pictures of a messy fridge.

Hey, there are some good recipes in here, honest. And some bad ones, things like Potato Chip Sandwich, which is potato chips and Miracle Whip between two slices of white gummy bread, mashed til the chips crush, best washed down with Pepsi Cola.  Other gems are Cooter Pie, Betty Sue’s Fried Cucumbers, and one of my personal favorites, Lucy’s Guaranteed Stewed Prunes.

And I must admit, things like Reba’s Rainbow Ice Box Cake, and Lady Divines Chicken-Asparagus Pie actually sound pretty darned good.

But I must share with your Laura Lee’s Fresh Summer Salad – you take 2 cucumbers, and cut off the ends.  Then with an end in one hand, the cucumber in the other, rub together real hard and fast.  When the liquid starts to foam, stop.  Now peel and slice them.

Meanwhile, slice 2 tomatoes in a long, low Pyrex baking dish, put in the cukes and cover with cider vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.  Chill  and serve with black-eyed peas.  Just don’t understand why you want the cucumbers to foam…  It’s a new one on me….  But I’m a huge fan of cucumbers and onions, so I might just have to give this a spin, foam and all…

Look for White Trash Cooking on eBay, you can get it on the cheap, and the pictures alone are worth the cost of the book.  It’s an experience for sure, everybody should have at least one white trash recipe for family gatherings – hey Easter is coming up, there has to be some kind of Jello salad in here to try….

Well, isn’t this the damndest thing….

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