Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowfall at Willow Lake

Snowfall at Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles, Book 4)

This book is by one of my favorite authors, Susan Wiggs, the 4th of a series of Lakewood Chronicles. I’ve read all the others so I’m looking forward to reading this tonight, sitting by the fire, with the M&M’s snuggled beside me on this frigid February evening in Heavensville.

After two years of grueling work for the International Criminal Court in The Hague, an international terrorist incident prompts divorced lawyer Sophie Bellamy to recognize that her work is meaningless without her two children—Max, 12, and Daisy, 19—who are living with their remarried father. On the snowy night Sophie returns to Avalon, N.Y., she meets the handsome bachelor veterinarian Noah Shepherd, who's looking for the right lady to mother his kids and live in his rambling farmhouse with him. While Sophie is happy to be part of a community, get reacquainted with her kids and care for her grandson (Daisy has an infant boy with a recalcitrant father), she is thrilled at Noah's sexy attention until she learns he's 10 years younger than she—29 to her 39. In her latest Lakeside Chronicles title, Wiggs (Dockside) jovially juggles the lives of numerous colliding characters and adds some winter-favorite recipes for a festive touch.

I just got notification from the library in an email that my ebook was available.  I logged into the library, downloaded the book, and seriously, in less than two minutes I’m reading it.  I’m telling you girlfriends, these ebooks are WONDERFUL!

I didn’t understand at first why some of them were on a waiting list.  They are digital, the library should have an unlimited supply, NOT!  I asked about this on a mobile forum, they told me that these digital books are licensed, libraries  pay the publisher for every copy that they license,  just like they have a specific number of a certain book  in the library, they have a specific number of an ebook, so if all of the the allotted copies have been downloaded, they put a hold on it and you have to wait until it’s available.

But just think, they sent me an email that the book was available to download, I didn’t have to get out in 5 degree weather, go to the library, park, trudge inside, wait in line, check it out, get in the car, come back home, not to mention returning the darned thing.

A few mouse clicks and it’s on my computer and I’m reading it!



  1. Jan!!! Thank you for posting about the book and e-books! But I confess, I am totally mesmerized by the bird photos. They are incredible. Thanks for sharing. Susan


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