Friday, February 6, 2009

Happpy Valentines Day to me….

You’ve heard me talk about how great ebooks are for days now.  And while I love reading books on my laptop, I don’t want to be tied to it, so hubby bought me this Sangria Red Sony Book Reader.  It’s coming today and of course I’m absolutely estatic…

We’re having warm weather forecasted this weekend in Heavensville.  I can throw this in my purse, grab the M&M’s, go to Burdette Park, sit and enjoy nature and read! I did all the homework, and Sony Readers are the only ones that accept Adobe PDF files, which is the format the libraries use.  It holds approximately 160 books, but I can insert a memory card and it will hold thousands!  And I’m getting a rebate from Sony bookstore for 100 books to get me started!  You have 7500 page turns before recharging, too.  I could read War and Peace on one charge, yeah, like I’m going to read that, you all know I just read trash!  It only weighs 9 ounces, comes with a snazzy red leather cover, I can throw it in my purse and I’m off!  Cheapest place to buy it is B&H Photo, no shipping no tax.  I saw it at Borders Booksellers locally last week, I saved $50 by ordering it online.

Oprah gushes about the Kindle, from Amazon, but it wasn’t an option for me.  It’s big and clunky looking and you can only download books that you buy from Amazon on it.  No thanks, I like free books!  There are plenty of online sites for free books, remember I’ve already snagged 85 novels by Nora Roberts and the entire works of Agatha Christie…  You can also put your own .pdf files, word docs and pictures on this.  No color, though, that’s a couple of years away before they introduce these things with a color screen.  You can also download audio books and MP3 music files to this, but you have to use headphones for audio.

My version is the 505, they have a new 700 series touch screen out now, but it wasn’t for me.  Screen is  not as clear, there is a built in light, but it’s like neon around the edges, and it’s $100 more.  The people on the mobile forums much prefer this model.  It comes in silver, too, but I wanted the red!

Are you interested, too?  Here’s a video I found on You Tube that demonstrates it…


  1. Jan~ wow, what a lucky girl you are! That's a pretty nifty little gadget and I LOVE gadgets. I think I NEED one of those, and the red one is wonderful! It looks so much more convenient than the Kindle too. Do you use a specific website when searching for ebooks to dl? Gosh, now I'm rethinking the money I spent getting my bike all fixed....should have seen this first, LOL!


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