Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Geezy Pete, I just wasted two pounds of green beans….

That smoky seasoning was absolutely, positively dreadful!  My green beans tasted like they had been on a smoker.  I took one bite, and knew they were headed to the garbage disposal.  Hubby took my advise and didn’t even taste them…

So, ignore everything I said about the seasoning, what do I know anyway.  I’ve only been cooking green beans, for what, forty years now!  Blecht!  It’s back to the bacon for this old girl, screw even trying to find  salt pork, after tonight’s disaster, I’m sticking with tried and true!



  1. Jan, I love green beans too. My grandma always made them with bacon rind and oh gosh, how I loved them! I tried your method in the crockpot and they were good, but I put in a little too much salty something (I think I used the Tony Chachere's herb'n'spice stuff).

    I'm a little confused about doing them in the slow cooker though....wouldn't it be easier and faster to just do it on the stovetop? I might be missing something though! Enlighten me!

  2. The southern way of cooking green beans is to cook them for hours, Seana. They develop a really unique flavor when you do this, and the juice from the beans is called pot likker. For real, here, not kidding. They're wonderful done this way.


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