Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fox News this morning…

They’re talking about the woman that just had eight babies.  She is thirty-three years old, a single mother, she already has six children between the ages of seven and two, she lives with her Mother, who by the way declared bankruptcy last year, in a small tract house, and now there are fourteen children in that house under the age of seven.

WTF, is this woman bat shit crazy????  She must have mental issues.  It’s going to cost $1,000 per baby, per day for these children to stay in the hospital, they are guestimating the total bill to be $2.5 million!  Who’s going to pay for this?  Hello, taxpayers

What I don’t get is why would any ethical doctor implant eight eggs in a womb of a woman with no money who already has six children under seven years old?   Mentally stable???  Duh, it’s not rocket science.

Of course she will be on the cover of People, there is talk about her being on Oprah, she will generate cash, but think how much money it will cost to clothe, feed, educate these children, who might possibly have health issues due to multiple births.  Not to mention taking care of eight infants, plus twins that are two years old, plus the other four, it’s totally impossible!  There is no way….  Does she work?  Of course not, she couldn’t possibly work.  Welfare mother?  You do the math…

I just don’t get it, I suspect none of you do, either…


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