Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And how is your day going????

We’re back in the deep freeze in Heavensville.  I’m dreaming of warm spring days, rides on Milly, yeah, that’s what I’m doing, DREAMING!

Nisha told me how good a little bit of salt pork was in green beans, hubby went to meat market, they didn’t have salt pork, so he came back with some kind of smoked meat seasoning, they smoke their own meats, so it’s pork rind with some meat on it, really, really smoky, and now I have that smell on my hands and it won’t wash off.  So here I sit, typing and my hands positively reek.  The dogs have become best buddies with me, however, they are lovin’ my hands.  ;0)

I’ve been making killer green beans, 2 lbs. of frozen green beans, onion, seasoning (I’ve been using a strip or two of of bacon, but today I’m trying the smoky seasoning) in the crockpot, high for one hour, low for an additional 3 hours – they are WONDERFUL.  No liquid, the water from the frozen beans as they melt is enough.

Our family loves green beans, if you do, too try this.  It’s great!  I’m usually not a fan of frozen green beans, but this is awesome way to fix them…

I’m still working on this page, I’m rebuilding my breeder’s dog pages as well, I’m a busy little bee this week…



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