Friday, January 23, 2009

Wicks Sugar Cream Pie….


It was on the news today that they are passing legislation to make sugar cream pie the official state pie of Indiana.

Hubby saw this and he was absolutely estatic, and immediately began calling the kids to tell them. 

We’ve eaten sugar cream pie, specifically a frozen one called Wicks Sugar Cream Pie, for as long as I can remember.  The entire family is wild for them, but nobody more so than LC.

If you’ve never had one, you are in for a treat if you like rich, decadent desserts.  The taste is hard to describe, it’s buttery and creamy and has a depth of flavor that only comes from using artery clogging ingredients.  They are sublime, warm from the oven, and equally as good cold from the fridge.

There are recipes for sugar cream pie online, but you just can’t beat the frozen one from Wicks.  This family run business, located in the town of Winchester, in Eastern Indiana, wrote the book when they started selling these pies.

If you can’t locate them in your grocer’s freezer, you can order online from Wicks.  Here’s the click.  They are an amazing thing, sugar cream pies….


  1. Cmon Jan. Tell the truth. They are not wild for them. They all acknowledge that they are not good, but it's fun because LC is so crazy for them.

  2. Hmmmmm, Dilly - I think you need to poll the guys on their real feelings regarding these pies. I have many memories of little boys absolutely devouring these pies hot from the oven. They are probably just "pretending" they weren't that good, now that they have a more sophisticated pallet, but I remember sweet little boys, fresh from their baths, digging into these pies with gusto, late evenings before they went to bed. Pinkie swear ;0)

  3. I grew up with "Sugar Cream Pie". It was my grandmother's favorite pie and that's why I always loved it. I moved from Indianapolis to Sarasota, FL in 1981 and have not had a good "Sugar Cream Pie" since. I have fond memories of warm "Sugar Cream Pie" from the oven......It is a lot like "Cream Brule" in a pie crust....come on you know it is.... Please we need to revive the recipe and take it nationwide.....think "Creme Brule" in a crust.


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