Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The M&M’s first interview…


What breed are you?
Maggie: Yorkshire Terrier, obviously.

Mollie: What she said, but without the obviously.

How old are you?
Mollie: I’m 6,  but am going on 50. No matter what my parents tell me, I feel the world rests on my shoulders and it clearly ages me. I feel my fur is thinning and I'm wondering about fur plugs.

Maggie: I’m 2, but I feel 1 & 3/4 actually.

What is your full name?
Maggie: Margaret MooLatte, aka Maggie Moo

Mollie:  Molasses Maybelline, aka Mollie Mo

Do you have any nicknames?
Maggie: Oh yeah, I have a bunch, Maggin’ Waggin’ Tails a Waggin’, Mewster Brewster, Petite Bete, Maggie Moo-Hoo, and others too embarrassing to mention….

Mollie:  Princess Pollywog, Sweet Cheeks, Mollikins, Momma’s little budha dog, I don’t like the last one so much…

Where do you usually sleep?
Maggie: daytime – in my hidey hole, behind a cushion on the couch, nighttime, in my bed between Mom and Dad

Mollie: daytime – anywhere Mom is, I shadow her, nighttime, in my bed between Mom and Dad, next to Maggie

What is your favorite thing to do?
Maggie: Fetch, fetch, and fetch, oh and run laps, I’m really fast.  I do like chewing Texas Toothpicks, too. And I like going for walks so I can acquire territory through various bodily functions.

Mollie: I don’t do much, I just like to sit mostly, but I do like going on the golf cart, and unlike my sister, I don’t feel the need to mark territory, it’s too much effort.

What is something unusual/interesting about you?
Maggie: Excuse me? Um, EVERYTHING about me is unusual and interesting. I’m totally fascinating…

Mollie: I’ve had three litters of pups, and they messed up my girlish figure.  Maggie still has hers, but I’m more like Mom, thick thru the middle.  I’m really cute, though.

Who is your best friend?
Maggie: I'm a momma’s girl, but I do enjoy laying on Dad’s lap in the evening, watching television.  I actually have two dog best friends, London and my sister, Mollie.  Mollie is a rock star!

Mollie:  I love, love, love my Mom.  I never let her out of my sight.  I tolerate Maggie’s best friend, London, because Mags likes her, and I just adore Maggie.  I really do. Mags and I are great buddies. Did you know every morning when she wakes up she jumps in my bed and gives me a big kiss.  She does, she really does.  I like it, too…

Did you go to obedience school? If yes, were you Top Dog or did you flunk out?
Maggie:  No, I didn’t go, but I’m sure I would like it, I’m extremely popular with other dogs and people.  I’m actually very obedient now, well I AM, when I want to be, hehehehehe!

Mollie: Obedience? What is that? Never heard of the thing. Is that some kind of cult?

Can you do any tricks?
Maggie: Not really, Mom doesn’t think I should have to beg for food.  People don’t, so neither should I.

Mollie: Yes! I can pee on the floor just like *that*. Nobody even has to ask me!

Any last comments?
Maggie:  Well, even though I was a McCain supporter, I just want to say that I'm excited about a new dog in the big house. I strongly think Obama should consider a yorkie; I mean, we don't have fur, we have hair - therefore, we're clearly the most intelligent choice for a kid with allergies. And for those who always say yorkies are too smart for their own good? I say - jealous much?

Mollie: I could care less what kind of dog is in the big house, I’m more interested in what’s happening in Heavensville.  I moved here last summer, and I like it!  I get lots of attention, I always have fresh water, Mom buys me the really pricey all natural dog food, the kind that doesn’t smell like barf, it’s really good, and I get tummy rubs and lots of smooches every day.  What more could a fur kid want?


  1. How cute to hear and read an interview by the famous M&M's!!! I love Mollie's answer to the tricks.. LOL. You have 2 cuties there Ms. Jan!!

  2. Hahahahaha....they're two funny girls!


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