Thursday, January 22, 2009

How four pounds runs the show….

Here I sit, tucked in by the fire, Mollie asleep by my side, Maggie standing on the ottoman, throwing an absolutely hissy fit.  She’s ready to go to bed.  And she wants me to go with her.  She does, she’s relentless, she’s just making these little mewing noises and growling at me over and over.  This has been going on for the past fifteen minutes, despite my repeatedly telling her “NO!”  Nothing works, I’ve tried talking hubby into going to bed with her, but he’s interested in some Tivoed program in the den, so that didn’t work, and she won’t shut up.

I’ll cave, I know I will.  I’ll give up my nice fireside seat and go to bed just to shut her up.  I tried putting her in bed by herself, that worked for all of five minutes before she jumped down and came back in here, and started whining again.  I know I should be more forceful, but I just can’t.  Don’t want to put a damper on her spunkiness….

A sucker is born every minute…. This sucker is giving up, I’m going to give in just to shut her up!  This reminds me of what  I did with the boys when they were growing up, let them have their way - I was never much of a disciplinarian…  It’s easier just to go with the flow.  Know what I mean, Vern???


  1. I get it now!!!! My former sister in law was given a yorkie by a young couple who had too many kids and too many pets. He is about a year old and the cute factor is out the roof. Never was jealous of that woman until now! Now I wonder why their precious little feet ever hit the ground!


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