Friday, January 9, 2009


I don’t know about the rest of you, but when the internet is down at my house it’s the end of the world.  Seriously.

I’ve jacked around with my online connection for two months, remember the little man came out and couldn’t fix it.  I’ve had intermittent service since before Thanksgiving.  Well, it went down again this morning, and this time it didn’t come back at all, I’ve been down since 8am.

And the kids are coming, and there is beef stew to finish and bread to put in the Zo, and I’m having a hissy cause I have no connection.

I called Insight, it seems they have a special little man that comes out when the first one flakes out.  So I said to them, in total frustration, “oh, so first you send a flunkey, and then if he can’t fix it, you send something that knows what they’re doing?”  Now that wasn’t very nice of me, omg, in fact I sounded exactly like my mother yelling at that guy, but I was beyond frustration.  And he schedules me for Monday afternoon with the “specialist.”  Probably not until Monday beause I was being a total be-otch…  Okay, I deserved that, I’ll admit it now that I’ve calmed down. 

So what do I do, I call Hooterville, who is smarter than anybody at Insight, she tells me to go to Wally World and get a new modem, even though mine isn’t but a few months old.  So off I go, buy the thing, come home, put her on the speaker phone, she tells me which little thingies to plug in, I do what she says, power it up, but it won’t connect. Grrrrrr!

So I hang up, take a deep breath, unplug everything, do it again, this time I tightened up the little nut thingie that screws in really, really tight, just like hubby does, and HOT DAMN!!!!! The thing connected!!!

It works, it really works, well for now it does.  I still haven’t cancelled out the special little man that’s coming Monday, this isn’t my first rodeo with intermittent service.  But for now it’s working, and I can access Parker’s Beef Stew from the net,  and  cook.  And hopefully, the only thing stewing in the kitchen will be dinner!

Hooterville is such a rock star.  She really is.  I don’t know what I would do without her…  She always gets me out of my technical messes, always!!!!


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