Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Does anybody ever eat a McRib????

We were tooling down the street today, I looked up at a billboard at Mickey D’s that said, “McRib is Back!”  Just when I thought we were finally rid of it, it’s back again!

Why oh why?  It’s the most disgusting sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  Do people really eat McRibs?  They trot them out year after year, there must be a high profit margin on the things.  They taste horrid, I can’t imagine why anybody would order one.

Now the Cheddar Melt.  THAT was a beautiful  sandwich! A thick beef patty, grilled onions, cheddar cheese on a rye bun.  It was AWESOME!  Yeah, it really was, it’s the only sandwich from McDonald’s, well except for my beloved filet of fish, that Deanna adores also, that I actually liked.

But do they ever bring back the Cheddar Melt?  NO!!!!  Some idiot at corporate is too busy trying to force us to eat that worthless McRib.  Blecht!  Morons…


  1. McRibs are McIcky... On rare occasion I have a McDonald's Hot Apple Turnover, but really do miss the cherry and pineapple turnovers of days past. Crisp fried crust and hot gooey fruit filling - yum!!

  2. I'm ROFLMAO over this...I remember when they came out with the McRib many years ago for the first bf and I were driving back from Tahoe after skiing, and stopped at McD' was a "promotional" item and we got one...I seriously thought it was DELICIOUS! I'm hoping that they used to be much better than your experience with them, and not just by pathetic palate, LOL. I have never had anything else other than salad and yogurts from them (which I like, but I rarely hit fast food places), but it made me laugh that they're so gross to other people. Not that I'm going out to test them again, LOL. I'll take your word for it. However, the cheese thing with rye bread sounds pretty gross to me...I ate a patty melt once and it made me sick :(.


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