Friday, September 5, 2008

There's always a rainbow....

It's been a really, really bad time reinstalling windows, trying to get everything loaded and working.  I've threatened to get into the Jack, even though I detest the taste of whiskey, and would have to go buy a bottle.  Yeah, it's been that bad.  Had it not been for Hooterville, I really would have thrown the computer in the yard.

Maggie has been a little imp all day.  She has bugged me relentlessly, bringing me toys, barking at me, I would give up and play for a bit with her, and then she would start it again.  It's so cool today, she apparently was just feeling her oats.

Finally, about 7pm, I gave up, took her and Mollie on Milly over to Trish's, rousted her out of her house in her jammies and a hoodie with London in tow, and turned the dogs loose to play.  OMG, you should all have seen them, they rolled and romped and played, and when both London and Mollie gave it up, Mags just kept going.

Finally, forty-five minutes later, darkness was fast approaching, I tried gathering up the dogs to come home, but Maggie would have no part of it.  She ran from me and from Trish, she would NOT let us catch her, despite me pleading with her, promising her din-din, tweeties, daddy, ANYTHING, but nope, she would just scamper away from us and run circles.

Trish finally lured her on the patio and managed to corral her.  Oh she was naughty, but oh it was such a blessing to see her with all that energy.

Fast forward an hour, Ryan and Lindsay had sent a box to LC and when he got home from work and opened it, there were two little cheerleader outfits in it for the M&M's, red for Alabama, Linds said.  I'll get them all dressed and take their picture for you.  Too funny for words, and definitely the rainbow that brightened my day.  I wish I could share my daughter-in-law with all of you, Lindsay is just the BEST!!!!!!

And how's the computer working? I'm doing okay, loading up all my programs now, still have a few bugs, but for the most part I'm up and running.  Hopefully I'll be back to my usual nonsense shortly.

G'nite all, I'm going to soak in the tub.....

I'm about ready to throw the computer in the yard....

How many days has it been now since the big crash.  Seems like YEARS!!!!!  I've been stuck in techkie hell trying to get everything back up and running since the Dell dude came yesterday.

I thought it would just take me a couple of hours - oh hahahahahaha, jokes on me.. Try a couple of days!

That's why I'm not around.

I'll be back soon, yeah, sure I will....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another day, more problems....

I think I'm in some kind of crazy cycle, nothing is going right for me. I was up until 11pm trying to install Windoz, with no luck, then the wheels were turning so of course I couldn't sleep, so I was back up a 4am - still trying to make the stupid thing work, THEN I was on the phone with Dell Tech Support from 7:30 until 11am, with multiple technicians doing everything possible to get my computer to reinstall Windoz, they finally decided the problem was the harddrive, which Hooterville knew yesterday, and even me with my little birdbrain figured the same thing, but I guess they had to justify giving me a $100 harddrive by spending all those hours on the phone having different people making me do the same silly tasks over and over and over until I was about to scream, and then when this dippy woman FINALLY decided to give me a new harddrive, after asking me if my harddrive was hot. HOT???? That's when I really about lost it. Arughhhhhhhhhhhhh, but since I'm still under warranty they are sending out a little man to install a new harddrive within 3 business days... And of course they don't work on Saturday and that's the third business day so with my luck it will be Monday. I have other computers, so it's not a total washout, but I just want my main one up and running like normal...

But one technician from New Delhi named Dajis was very nice, and he's saving my telephone number and when he visits his sister in New Jersey I'm going to be the first person he calls. We talked for so long during all the booting and rebooting that we developed this weird friendship and he told me about how he hates his job and he used to teach but made no money and how the customers all scream at him because their computers are broke and they won't listen to what he tells them to do, and he doesn't know how much longer he can stand it and on and on and on. Geezy Pete, I have no idea why he told me this stuff, maybe I reminded him of his mother!!!

Ryan says I have an unhealthy relationship with my computer. Of course I disagree, my computer is my livelihood, it's what interests me at this stage of my life. He couldn't understand why I couldn't just walk away and forget it when it wouldn't work. Well maybe I do have an unhealthy relationship with it. At this point I am so frustrated that I could just throw the damned thing in the yard and be done with it, but of course that would accomplish nothing. So I wait for the little Dell dude to call me... He will, someday, when he's in the mood. *sigh*

But I'm sitting here with my external harddrive all backed up, thank goodness, and of course it's full now, because it's only 250 gigs, so I need a new one, I want a terrabite this time. This computer stuff just never stops for me, NEVER!!!!! It's those darned scrapbooking files, they are HUGE and take up so much room. And of course, both of my sons think I'm totally bat shit crazy, which I probably am, for wanting all this stuff, but it's what I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spend my days playing on the computer. And they should both be thrilled that I do, because at least I'm not driving them nuts bugging them all the time because I'm bored!! Well, actually I do call them a lot *blush* but it would be worse if I didn't have a computer to occupy my time. And thank God for Hooterville, because she can usually get me out of a jam, usually laughing hysterically, I might add, but I don't blame her, some of the technical messes I get myself into are just unreal!!!

Why am I telling you all of this, why am I rambling on and on and on, sorry guys, I know this is boring, just had to vent!!!!

Okay, I'm going to change into my jammies, eat dinner, and settle in with a book until Sarah Palin comes on the tube... And what did all of you think of Cindy McCain's yellow shirtdress last night? I thought it looked totally couture, but a bit over the top. Something about the way that collar was turned up. And it flounced out like she had petticoats on. Petticoats??? Now that's a blast from the past!! She kinda looked like an old Barbie doll. Tehehehehe, she did, didn't she? But she WAS having a really good hair day. I know, I know, what does her clothes and her hair have to do with politics. NOTHING, thank goodness, it's just GIRL STUFF!!!!!!!!!

Back tomorrow, it will be a better day, SURELY it will!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The last 24 hours have NOT been fun….

I got up yesterday morning, my computer crashed!!!!!  Couldn’t get it to boot, FINALLY it did, so I spent entire day backing up files to the harddrive, because OF COURSE, I wasn’t backed up like I should have been.

Now I’m getting ready to reinstall wndows, that’s why no blogging, no time…

Thought you would all like to see Lisa Marie Presly’s tummy, OMG, she’s about to EXPLODE!!!!!  Those bebes must be due like, yesterday!

Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow – this is a royal pain i the patootie…  I’ve driven poor Hooterville NUTS!!!  Whatever would I do without her, though – the woman knows EVERYTHING about computers, she’s a wonder…

Me, not so much, I play with my little doodads, blog, surf, do I do the technical crap, of course not, then disaster strikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Poor pitiful me…

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I’ve never heard of peanut butter cupcakes, have you?


I was intrigued with the fork crosshatches on the top of this recipe.  It eminds me of rolling balls of peanut butter cookie dough when the boys were little, and letting them take the fork, dip it in water first to keep it from sticking, and then marking the cookies. 

I posted this recipe over on Jan Can Cook, you might want to check it out, it looks wonderful.  Here’s the quick CLICK…

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