Friday, May 23, 2008

Proof positive that the male of the species has no brain.....

Stupid guy, this takes a bit of time to get going, be patient, you won't believe the ending!

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I'm trying really hard to make lemonade today....

You know how sometimes the shit hits the fan, well it not only hit the fan today, it splattered the walls.

First off, and of little importance in the grand scheme of things, I brewed a pot of coffee without putting in the filter? Have you ever done this? If not, trust me it doesn't work, I had coffee and grounds all over the counter, running down the cabinet, it was quite the mess. All this while I was getting ready to take the Mewster Brewster to the vet.

Maggie has reoccurring UTI's, and that coupled with occasional bloody urine led us to believe something was going on in that little abdomen of hers. Sure enough, today she had ultrasound - I watched it, not quite as much fun as pregnancy ultrasound, girlfriends, and sure enough there was this little white bean shaped area in her bladder. She has a bladder stone. She has to have surgery. *sigh* - Dr. Wagner assures me it's pretty routine, no worse than when they spayed her, but naturally I''m upset. But I'm lucky that I found a vet that I'm confident with and that
I feel really cares about Maggie, so we scheduled her surgery for June 10th.

I was bummed all afternoon, decided to go for a ride on Milly - Maggie wasn't cooperating, she didn't want to jump up on the golf cart, I had it in gear, ready to back out of the garage, and when I leaned way over to the right to start to scoop her up my foot shifted from the brake to the gas, I shot backwards just like a friggin bumper car and slammed into the car. Jeez, Louise - just what I needed. Milly now has cracked plastic in the back cargo area, the car has a huge dent in the spoiler, and I was practically in tears. I told hubby on the phone, being married for thirty-seven years does that, you learn to tell them the bad stuff on the phone so they have time to absorb it before they get home. Works for me anyway. He was really sweet about it, he felt sorry for me, he knew I was pretty much at the end of my rope.

So then tonight I'm dusting, I hook my favorite soap dish with the edge of the dustcloth, it crashes to the floor, breaks into smithereens....

See what I mean, oh so many lemons today - it's really hard to make that lemonade... Crying 7
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This is beyond cute, remember ladies, he's only four years old... thanks to Trish for sending me this....

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why I do the things I do....

I come from generations of women that "feed you." I remember as a small child going to Grandma Short's house, and as soon as you got there, you went to the kitchen, she took the dishcloth covering the leftover food on her table off and you sat down and ate.

There was always cornbread and biscuits, beans, pickles, leftover meat, usually fried, and some sort of dessert on her table. Remember, my Grandma had no electricity, so when she finished a meal she didn't put the leftovers in the fridge, there was no fridge, except for the "icebox" and it wasn't in use daily, only when my Uncle would bring a block of ice from the ice house in town to put in it to chill the food would she use it.

So she just covered everything and left it on the table. I know, this must sound so alien to all of you and you are wondering how she kept things cold that normally would be refrigerated. Oh this sounds so Little House on the Prairie, but she would put things that had to stay cold in a bucket and lower it into a well.

But think about it, they lived on a farm, she had cows and fresh milk daily, she churned butter every other day, so refrigeration wasn't necessary. She gathered eggs daily, she would kill and dress a chicken, then cook it immediately, the pork that was butchered was cured and hung in the smokehouse. It wasn't like it is today.

But back to the feeding part. My Aunts always fed me when I visited them, much like Grandma did, and Mother would always bring some type of food when she came to visit us. The boys knew when Grandma drove up there would be food in the car of some sort. I find myself feeding people,too. Not to the extent that Mother and Grandma did, but I'm always pushing food onto somebody.

Take this evening for instance, Trish and I went for a ride on Milly. I cored an apple, split it in the middle, wrapped each half in paper towel, and gave Trish half of it to eat. She wasn't hungry, she put it in Milly's cup container, and when I dropped her off at her house, she forgot to pick it up.

Now here's where the difference comes in. If this had been Mother, when she got home and discovered the apple Trish forgot, she would promptly go back to her house and give it to her.

What did I do? I ate it, I ATE IT!!!! Blushing 2 Well I thought about taking it back to her, really I did and I did email her and tell her I ate it...

~ jan, feeling just a smidge guilty...
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Oh wow...

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I'm afraid it migh be a sign of the times, not just some weird bubba on a bike...

Yesterday morning I saw the strangest thing, an older man in bib overalls going thru McDonald's drive-thru on his bicycle...

It was a bit strange to say the least, but we might be seeing more of this with gas prices continuing to spiral out of control...
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saint Teddy...

Grown men wept on both sides of the political aisle Tuesday when word of Sen. Edward Kennedy's illness hit the Senate, his political home of 46 years, where he has been known for a soft heart, a strong arm and a ready joke.

I read an excerpt yesterday from a link put on my friend Jean's Little Blog and agree with her totally. The media is singing this man's praises, while there is no mention of the "accident" when a drunk, married Ted Kennedy ran his car thru a chain link fence at a ferry into the water, swam to shore, left the scene of an accident and left a young woman dead, drowned in his car, after a night of partying. He didn't turn himself in until the next day, the Kennedy money machine got him off with no jail time, it was all swept under the rug and his life went on.

Now that he is dying he they are making him into a national hero. Is something wrong here? I think so... This man should have been in prison, not in the senate!

Here's a link to the article, A Profile in Cowardice, that she posted.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A sneak peek...

Cousin Pam sent me this picture of herself this morning. I know, I should be saving this stuff for my index page, but it was too cute not to share.

Talk about priceless!!!!

Thanks to you who are participating in this - keep your pictures coming in.

Kiss 4

~ jan
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Monday, May 19, 2008

okay gang, i need something...

It isn't often that I ask you guys for anything, well except for the times that I begged for recipes, and Favorite Things. You always come across for me, so here I go, one more time. This is painless tho, I promise and the results will be so cute....

I'm redoing my index page and I really need some childhood pictures of all of you. You know the cute stuff when we were young and adorable. I want to include your pictures on my album page. It can be you as a little girl, teenager, whatever you have that you can scan and send me. And just think, after I've finished building the page with your pictures on it, when you are really bored, you can just click on munchiebusiness and look at yourself... Smile 4Giggle 2Hysterical

Ya, that's me when I was about four, in my majorette boots at my Grandma Smith's house...

Now it's YOUR TURN!!! ASAP, of course Thank You 4


~ jan
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Haven't we al known a full of himself guy like this one.....too funny for words.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's those simple things, again....

Sometimes the best times are the unplanned ones. Hubby worked today, it was picture perfect outside, 72 degrees, light wind and blue skies. I puttered on the patio, and on a whim early afternoon, talked to Trisher, she was doing nothing either, so I packed up water for the dogs, cookies and almonds for us, grabbed some soda and we were off. I tooled thru Subway for a tuna sub, got the whole 12" sub, only $5, such a deal, half for later, right.

We went to Burdette Park, popped out the lawn chairs, sat in the sun and read the books we took along. Hers a mystery by a local author, Mike Whitcker, mine a nameless romance novel, by an author whose name I don't remember, but entertaining nontheless. So there we sat, me munching on the sub, and I ate the first half, I was still hungry, so I ate the rest of it. OMG, I ATE THE REST OF IT!!! I have never ever eaten an entire sub at one sitting, but you know what, it was wonderful, and I don't regret it a bit. I even polished it with numerous low-fat Oreos. But on the flip side, it's now 8pm, and I have no desire for dinner.

We had a great afternoon, I sat with my back to the sun, she sat with her feet in the grass, London scampering at her feet, Maggie nestled in my lap, and we read and laughed and we just were.... Nature and a good friend, you can't beat the combination.

I was so relaxed I came home and tucked into bed for a nap with Maggie - it was a perfect day.

Yep, it's those simple things...
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I'm going to make me and Maggie one of these for lunch *tehehehe*

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