Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I don’t handle stress well anymore…

I’ve been having internet problems for a month now, I lose signal for a bit, then it comes back on.  I’ve talked to my ISP, nothing has been resolved.  Yesterday I was down from early afternoon until late last night.  So I called them again this morning, and they sent out a little man.

Of course it was working when he got here, so he tightened some cables, messed with my modem  with his gauges for a bit, pronounced it in great working order and left.

Well, I know it isn’t fixed, I’m just sitting here waiting for it to go down again, stressed to the max.  I called Hooterville, she gave me some ideas, I swear that woman knows more than any of the technicians they have on their payroll.

Just wish I could roll with it like I used to, but I can’t do it anymore.  So I’m in a mood, because I’m frustrated.  Yeah, I know, in the overall scheme of things, I don’t really have anything to bitch about, but you all know how addicted I am to my computer(s).  I’m thinking I need a major attitude adjustment!  A burger and fries would help….  And a warm oatmeal or cookie or two might just help with the happy hormone.  But of course, I’m eating healthy, so that’s out the window.  Poor pitiful me….


  1. hi jan, so sorry about that dang internet..of course you are fretting...i would too. in fact i would be cursing a blue streak and kicking the cat...thank god i don't have a cat!
    kiss the M&Ms for me and zippy!


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