Friday, June 8, 2007

I have better things to talk about than Paris Hilton

Holy Schmoly, aren't we all sick of hearing about this whining, pampered princess. Get your skanky ass back to jail, put on your prison issued big girl panties and do the time....

And, now to more important things... I have to tell you how much I'm enjoying Boca All American Grillers, and how after having one for lunch, I'm not hungry 'til dinner. Well, after talking with my buddy V this morning, I checked the box, those suckers have 14 grams of protein in them, I add a piece of fat free cheese for another 5 grams, eat it on a Healthy Life Bun and I'm good til dinner. No wonder, that's a total of 19 grams of protein! If you are weight watcher, the burgers are only 1 point, 1 point for the bun .5 for the cheese, for a total of 2.5 points. Simply amazing...

I've eaten Boca Burgers, usually the original, for years now, and never really liked them. Now I know why, it's because I never took the time to fry them in a skillet. I always slapped them in the wave, and it steamed them, and they were pretty bad, but now I take the time to spray each side of them with Pam, then sprinkle Tony Chachiare's Creole Seasoning on both sides, and slap them in the skillet instead of the microwave - it takes 7 or 8 minutes, but they crisp nicely on both sides, and they are actually good.

So give them a try, if you are trying to eat healthy, these things rock!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Best movie of the summer, say the critics....

They've been advertising Knocked Up as the best movie of the summer. Great date movie, Yahoo critics gave it an A-, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 92%. Well, count me in, gotta check that out. LC was in a movie mood, he kept suggesting we go, so last night we were off to the flicks.

As we pulled in the parking lot he said he had really been looking forward to seeing Oceans 13. "Oceans 13," I said, "we aren't seeing that, it isn't on until next week." Talk about miscommunication, and naturally he wasn't too excited about seeing this movie since he was all ready for Clooney and Pitt.

As we settled in I started noticing packs of 16 year old boys coming into the movie in droves and thought, oh-oh, something isn't right here. Well let me tell you girlfriends, that was the most HORRID, VULGAR movie I've seen in years. I HATED IT, LC HATED IT, when we got out of the movie we called Linds and Ryan because they went to see it in Lexington. THEY HATED IT. But hey, don't let me tell you what to do, if you want to see a bunch of potty mouthed losers sitting around smoking dope, go check it out...

If this is the best movie of the summer, we're in big trouble. What a waste of popcorn!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Oh my.....

Pronunciation: pr&-'kras-t&-"nAt, prO-
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -nat·ed; -nat·ing
Etymology: Latin procrastinatus, past participle of procrastinare, from pro- forward + crastinus of tomorrow, from cras tomorrow
transitive verb : to put off intentionally and habitually
intransitive verb : to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done

I need to clean my closet really bad, and my jewelry is outta control. I need to go thru my jewelry drawers, and sort and organize and what do I do instead? I scoop up Mags, go for a ride on Milly, trying to scout out the family of foxes that has moved into a hole at the top of the rocks that face Trisher's condo. And did I see them? Of course not, those foxes aren't going to be out midday, but it's a good excuse not to clean that closet and organize that jewelry.

But it's SUCH a glorious day in Heavensville, 74 degrees, blue skies, no humidity. Yeah, Ma, it's easy livin' today for sure.... She so enjoyed days like this. In her heyday, she would have been right on that golf cart with me, scouting out those foxes. Good memories...

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