Friday, September 21, 2007

The best part of waking up....

Is having somebody bring me coffee from Thortons..... LC does it a lot, Ryan and Lindsay are here today, Ryan came in a 7:30 with us both a steaming cuppa. Oh, pure bliss....

I totally spaced out wishing John a Happy Birthday on the 8th on the blog - then I spaced out blogging about Ryan's birthday yesterday. Sorry guys, I'm old now. Ah, but I called them both bright and early and sang to them - I always sing happy birthday to family and a few friends who don't mind my off key screeching...

John and Tonia were home last weekend and Mom did the big birthday dinner, it was a great weekend, we spent the afternoon at the park

We did Ry's birthday dinner last night, life is good. My guys are growing up, John was 35, and Ry was 32. How can that be??? Am I that old, now??


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