Sunday, July 8, 2007

Blecht, did you ever chew a vitamin???

I swear, if I ONLY had a brain, or eyesight my life would be a lot easier. I was in the drug aisle today at the supermarket, buying some calcium, I usually buy those caramel Viactiv thingies, but I spied something new, Viactiv Flavor Glides Berry Flavored Chews. I'm always up for something new to try, so I scooped those puppies up, came home, popped the bottle, opened them, took one out and chewed it.

I CHEWED IT, OMG, I CHEWED A VITAMIN. EEEEEEKKKKKS, it wasn't a chewie thing at all, it was a VITAMIN!!!! Did you ever bite into a vitamin? Not something you want to do, trust me. The berry coating was just to make it slide down your throat easier. Oh it was so bad, I can't tell you how bad it tasted....

I have GOT to start wearing my glasses!!!!!!


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