Saturday, May 26, 2007

Let's continue this trek down memory lane...

It's natural to progress from soap to shampoo and hair products. I was never a Breck girl as a teenager, it didn't have enough suds for my liking. I was a Prell girl. I loved the lather, loved the smell. I always used Prell. And after shampooing, it was time to put in the hair rollers. But oh, no, I didn't use rollers, I used orange juice cans, and are you ready for this... Tampax tubes.

Yep, that's what I did. First of all I had to use some kind of setting agent to stiffen my hair so that I could tease it into heights that would give you a nosebleed. Sometimes I used a product called Dippidy Doo, but I also was a huge fan of.... JELLO!!! Oh yeah, Jello was quite the hair setting product in the 60's. You chose the color closest to your hair color, lemon for blondes, strawberry for redheads, black cherry for brunettes, and you mixed a tablespoon or so of the Jello in water. then sectioned a piece of wet hair, combed in the Jello and sat it on orange juice cans And the Tampax tubes, I put those vertically in front of my ears to make those little corkscrew curls. Talk about a look! And I actually went out in public with a scarf over my head and those orange juice cans in my hair. Well, not the Tampax tubes though, I wasn't THAT stupid...

And heaven forbid if it was a hot day and my head perspired, or I got caught in the rain, because my hair would get sticky! But I did have volume, egads did I ever have volume. I had the highest double bubble you ever saw. A double bubble was when you teased your hair really big and then the back of it had two layers - you combed that bouffant into a big bubble, attached a bow underneath it, had to have the "bow" and then you had another layer that turned under like a page boy. I probably have pictures of that look somewhere.

And twenty years from now, I will probably look back at my hair today, and wonder what I was thinking with all the choppy layers and the hair wax.

But then, twenty years from now, my hair will be blue, no lavendar, and permed! All 15-20 strands of it. *giggle*


  1. Damn woman ... I was sitting here eating my "cheerios" .... read the part about using Tampax tubes for hair rollers and spit milk all over my keyboard! LMAO I never heard of anyone doing that but I never hardly used any kind of hair rollers (do they still make those things?) I was into the long straight style. My girlfriend always ironed my hair for me. Oh my I wish I had some photos of that .... my hair all laid out on the old ironing board! (too bad we didn't have "digital" back then. we could have had a photo of you and the "tampax tubes"... roflol maybe we could try that the next time I come over .. oh wait, neither of us use those things anymore)

    Being in High School in the early 60's was a real trip! We did some crazy things but nothing compared to what kids are doing today. Can you imagine what Lucy & MB would have done if we came home with a ring in our nose and couple on the old nipples ...... bwaaaaaaaa We wouldn't have lived long enough to tell about it :o)

  2. LOL you crack me up! I wish I could see a photo of you with Tampax in your hair! :) TFS and thanks for the good laugh!

    Love the new header! Looks awesome for summer!!!!!

    I tagged you on my blog but you don't have to do it if you don't want. No biggie. Have a great day! :)


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