Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ree's Mercantile Salt and Pepper Shakers


I’m such a sucker anything that Pioneer Woman has, does and sells.  She has these in her store and I’m literally sitting on my hands to keep from buying them.  They’re only $14 and just as cute as can be.  I keep telling myself I’m trying to declutter, I don’t need these, but oh they’re perfect.

Hubby says, just buy them, but I’m resisting.  Will I really be able to not to?  Time will tell...

They’re very 50’s retro, and I do have those adorable Dept. 56 egg plates.


I have really scaled down my table, at least for me I have.  Nothing on it but the lazy susan and these “few” collectibles.  But wouldn’t those s&p shakers look really cute with the egg plates?  But the Campbell’s Soup Kids s&p shakers look really good, too.

See what I mean, it’s a dilema, should I or shouldn’t I?  Scarlett is going to worry about this tomorrow but in the meantime here’s a link in case any of you want to order these.

Here’s they are, go for it...

~ Jan ~

Wednesday, February 1, 2017



A place for everything and everything in it’s place.  Sounds so simple, but it’s not that easy.  I’m a nester, a collector, a person who surrounds myself with things that make me happy.  I had such lofty ideals about minimizing when we moved last December, and I really have tried.  Everything is organized in the house now, hubby is still working in the garage, sorting, separating, filling dumpsters, thank goodness they are building a house next door.  But still, there is a lot of stuff in my house and how I ever had all of this in the condo I’ll never know

But onward and upward, we somehow keep bringing boxes in the house, It’s things I had forgotten about, so why do I think I need them?  And things I’ve told him to pitch, I somehow wish I had back.  Today, he unearthed wind chimes in the garage, and I heard the tinkle and yes, they made me smile.  I do love wind chimes.  I’ll find a place for them, tomorrow I will.“

*Sigh* We’re both ready for this to be over, to have everything sorted, sold, cleaned away and have life back to normal, if I even remember what “normal” is. 

We’re getting there, slowly and steadily, and spring arrives early in Tennessee, I’m ready...

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