Friday, July 1, 2016

So this is the family...


I have such a nice family and we had a long overdue family picture taken Mother’s Day.  Our favorite photographer, Adam Brennan, took great photos of the kids and grandkids.   I’m a firm believer that nobody over fifty should have their picture taken, we are always our worst critics, but Little Miss Merry Sunshine should reboot and just be glad that hubby and I are still kicking!

And now it’s July 4th weekend, the days fly by, my sweet little grandkids are growing so fast, family is coming home today and life is good.  Have you had a family picture taken lately?  Carpe Diem, one of my favorite sayings.

And by the way, another favorite Judy Dench got her first tattoo at age 81.  Yep, she put “Carpe Diem” on her wrist.


I personally would have chosen a better font and maybe a better tattoo artist, this looks pretty blurry to me.  But kudos to this lady for doing it her way.  I’m not a fan of tattoo’s, except for that Tweety Bird I always wanted on my butt in my younger years, thank goodness I didn’t do that!  At this age poor Tweety would probably be hard to even recognize.

Enjoy your holiday ladies, wherever it takes you, and Carpe Diem, seize the day! ~ Jan

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