Monday, May 9, 2016

Hubby has a good sense of humor...

IMG 5409 2

Yes, I really did buy this wreath for my front door, but wait, wait, let me explain.  LC is a go with the flow guy, he’s always in a good mood, very agreeable, up for anything, except when it comes to gardening.  Poor guy, he just detests it, but I love it, and 99% of it I can’t do, so he does it for me.  And his normally sunny disposition turns a bit south, because yours truly wants things moved yearly, and it’s always a huge ordeal.  It’s never just a couple of things that I want planted or moved, it’s always this big production and he does not enjoy the process.

And when I saw this wreath it was so funny, I just cracked up, luckily he saw the humor in it as well and it now resides on our front door.  But it could be misinterpreted if people come to the door that aren’t familiar with his intense dislike of gardening, they might think that he’s just a grumpy old man, period.  But do I care what other people think?  At this age?  Not really.  

You have to admit, it made you smile, women get this, they really do.

And happy gardening to you, too.  ~ Jan

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