Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sharing the Good Stuff




Sometimes I’m a little late to the party, but thanks to the ladies of YouTube, I’m finding all sorts of things I’ve never tried before.  Case in point is this e.l.f. Smudge Brush from Target or e.l.f. online. It’s the best eyeliner brush I’ve ever used.  I was always a fan of the pricey little MAC angle brush, but this one beats it hands down.  It’s stubby, stiff, and it not only lines my eyes, but smudges and softens at the same time.  And the cost of this bad boy, $.99, yes, that’s right ninety-nine cents.  Crazy cheap, huh….



But I’m not finished yet.  See these baby wipes, they’re from Aldi’s and a pack of 72 costs $.85.  Yep, that’s right eighty-five cents.  You may be thinking that I’m using these to remove makeup, nope, I use baby oil on a warm washcloth for that, Martha Stewart shared that tip, but I may give these a try.  What I use them for is to clean my hands while I’m putting on makeup.  I always have foundation all over my hands, which transfers to drawers, door frames, you name it, I seem to smear it everywhere.  Sometimes I keep a wet washcloth at my makeup table, but I’m old(er), I forget and don’t want to get up and get the washcloth, so I wipe my hands on a Kleenex and that obviously doesn’t work.  But these do work, really well, and they’re in a little flexible pouch, handy dandy, right next to my makeup, unreal that they cost just a little over a penney each.  Great deals, huh...

I’m normally not this cheap, we don’t even want to discuss the pricey water bottle I’m going to buy if I can ever decide on the color, but that’s for another blog entry.  Just sharing the good stuff with you, that e.l.f. brush is so awesome and to think that I paid $32 for that MAC brush that doesn’t work nearly as well, and I bought two of them over the years.  Silly me…

I also just paid $3.50 + free shipping on eBay for a blush brush that Elle is for Living on YouTube recommended.  I’ll let you know about that if it’s a goodie.  Oh, I got another one, too, same brush they sell at Ulta, this little tip was from Hot and Flashy on YouTube, and I got it for under $5.00, too.  It's a big fluffy brush for loose powder, just waiting for both of these to arrive in the mail.  I also bought a great set of brushes for $25 to travel with, higher end than e.l.f. and they’re wonderful - I’ll tell you all about these products soon.

Here’s the link to the e.l.f. brush, I’m very surprised at all of their products, I’ve always been such a snob, thinking that you have to pay a lot of money for these things, but boy did those women ever enlighten me.  You wouldn’t think e.l.f. brushes could be good because they’re so inexpensive, but they are.  Lots and lots of videos on YouTube about e.l.f. products.  When you register, you get free shipping on your first order, you can get quite a haul for $20 with on their website.  Enjoy ~ Jan

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