Thursday, February 25, 2016

Boomstick Color

I’m a YouTube junkie these days.  Night after night, I watch “Mature Ladies” and their take on life, cosmetics, aging, these women talk about everything.

Yesterday I linked from Facebook to a product called Boomstick Color.  Initially it peaked my interested because Jennifer Aniston uses it.  I know, stupid, but it made me click through.  Then there is this older model that looks so much like my buddy V, it’s amazing the resemblance, but she developed this inexpensive product called Boomstick Color, it’s light, easy breezy, you use it on your cheeks, on your eyes, your lips, your neck, it’s very sheer and yours truly is very interested in this. The cost, $27 - not a huge tube, but not a huge cost either.

Here’s Cindy talking about her trio of products and applying them to an older model, and below it is another reviewer, KimTV, on YouTube talking about it.

If this interests you, here is a direct link to her website with videos for all her products.



 And this is totally off the subject, but here is a tour of of Cindy’s 115 year old Dutch Victorian house.  See what I  mean, you watch one of these videos and then you subscribe to the person’s channel and then you just keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny


YouTube videos are so much fun, especially on these cold winter nights.  I’m so over television, except for The Girlmore Girls on Netflix, I seldom even turn it on, instead I sit by the fireplace with Maggie tucked beside me and Boo-Boo Kitty on the back of my chair and watch the lovely older ladies of YouTube videos.

I have definite favorites, and every time they post new videos it’s like a chat with a girlfriend.  I’ll blog about this soon, this is enough for you to absorb today.

Enjoy and think spring, it won’t be long now.  XXo ~ Jan



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