Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Woman President, my take...



The times, they are a changin’.  They say your life cycles every seven years, and apparently mine has, and let me tell you, it’s come as a shock!

It’s all about politics these days and I have a definite opinion, not about a candidate, or a political party, but about gender, and nobody is more surprised than yours truly.  But first I have to go back, way, way back to my formative years.  I remember being a young girl and thinking how wonderful it would be to see a woman president in my lifetime.  Fast forward to Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and I thought it was awesome that she was running for VP.  Then Sarah Palin was on the ticket for vice-president in 2008 and HIllary Clinton was running against Obama, once again I was excited about that because these were woman.

But I’m older now, the world has changed so rapidly in the past few years and this is what is so shocking to me, I now firmly believe that no woman should be president, regardless of who she is, and here’s why.  It’s the deterioration of society,  the dictators, terrorist groups, especially isis (which I refuse to capitalize), nuclear bombs in Korea, the list is long and it’s frightening, and our very survival is at stake.

Men are the strong sex, the protectors, they command respect from other men, not women, especially with leaders in the countries that are threatening us.  I’m not going to debate women’s rights, my feelings about this have nothing to do with women’s rights, it’s about power, and strength and respect, all the things that men receive because of their gender.  I believe we need a president that other countries not only respect but have a healthy fear of, and that is not going to be a woman, regardless of who she is. 

I’m old school, and the older I get the more I realize it, but for me to give voice to this is a life changing experience.  This isn’t living life through rose colored glasses, or fantasizing about progress and gender equality, this is about countries who hate us, who want to destroy us, and I believe that a strong man, whoever he may be, is our best chance for survival...


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