Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Whine, Whine...

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I’m not a fan of snow and the feeling of isolation that comes with it.  It’s totally irrational, too, we only got three inches as you can see from the picture looking out my front door and they scooped us out early this morning, but I just don’t like it!   I was never one of those kids that loved sledding or playing in the snow, I hate the red face and runny nose and windburn that comes with being outside in the cold.  I never had any desire to ski as an adult, either,  I just want to look at it for an hour or so and then for it to disappear.  

Today has been a total wipeout here in Heavensville.  I wasn’t productive, i watched a Netflix Movie, napped, tried not to tear the doors off the fridge, because when boredom strikes, I want to eat, preferably warm oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies, or homemade pizza or lemon pie.  But I didn’t, instead I paced. Poor hubby spent the day in the den, he’s a smart man.  Tomorrow we will start to thaw out, then Friday another blast.  It’s January, I’ve handled winter just fine until this darn snow arrived.

I saw this picture below posted on Facebook today.  Every year this woman posts the same picture and asks the question, “can you imagine being out in the middle of nowhere, alone, snowed in?”   It looks, idyllic, I’ll give it that, and could I do it?  Okay, here’s what it would take for me to enjoy this.


1.  No television, internet or cellphone, only electricity.
2.  A supply of books that are actually page turners, not the silly nonsense I normally read.
3.  Food, wonderful glorious food, with no dietary restrictions, everything homemade, and refrigerated or frozen to just heat and eat.
4.  Snuggly fleecy jammies, and no hot flashes.
5.  A huge fireplace and a supply of apple and cherry wood that smells divine, stacked on the porch to reach out and grab it.
6.  Maggie, always Maggie, she’s my little shadow.  My favorite dog of my lifetime.
7.  Hubby in a cabin across the way, close enough to visit, but I’m supposed to be alone here. 
8.  No music either, just the silence and the crackling fire.
9.  Most important, a four wheel drive vehicle with chains so I could escape!!!!!! 

Cause, get real, I couldn’t handle this for more than 24 hours, I would go stark raving mad!  What a silly idea this is anyway.  Fiddle De Dee, I’m Thinking Spring instead,  it’s only six weeks away!!!!



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