Friday, January 15, 2016

Stop Gaping Buttons!!!


There is nothing worse than a gaping blouse.  I’ve struggled with this since I was a teenager and remember Mother sewing snaps between my buttons to stop the gape.  It didn’t work very well, because then there was a small gape between the snaps.

Such is the plight of a busty woman, and the struggle continues.  I’ve tried a lot of quick fixes, including straight pins that always managed to stab me, but you can always tell that you’re trying to remedy the situation, it doesn’t look natural.  But thanks to the Internet, I might just be on to something.

The solution is Hollywood Tape.  Are you familiar with this product, it’s what celebrities use to tape their boobs to their low cut tops so they don’t fall out.

From what I’m reading this stuff works great, it’s double sided, you just cut off a piece, stick it between your shirt placket and buttons, smooth it down and it instantly stops the gape!

Worth a try isn’t it.  You can usually find Hollywood Tape at your local Steinmart in the accessories department.  Or you can order it on Amazon.  It’s worth a try… ~ jan

Ya, here's the click - go for it!  ~ Jan

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trump vs. Cruz


I’ve never been a politiclal animal, and have always loosely followed presidential campaigns, but never in my sixty-six years have I seen anything that even comes close to what’s happening now.  

And so, for the first time in my life, I have to admit, I’m totally engrossed in this election.  Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Donald Trump is the most fascinating, in your face candidate to come along in our lifetime.  He dominates the news day after day after day and goes after those who criticize him with a vengeance that we’ve never seen before.  He’s as rich as Croceous and can’t be bought, but what really fascinates me is his lack of filter.  

I have the most interesting conversations with my friends and family about his ideas and the things he says, and have to admit that sometimes my jaw just drops in disbelief at what comes out of his mouth.  But it’s refreshing to not hear the same old boring “politically correct” rhetoric that the establishment has crammed down our throats for years.  Now that Iowa is upon us, it certainly makes for an interesting, normally boring January.  It’s such a serious issue, we will be picking a person to lead our country.  People had such high hopes when Obama was elected that he would unite our country, instead we’ve seen a presidential train wreck and the worst racial tension that I’ve witnessed since I was a young girl.  And this comes from someone who always considered herself a Democrat.  Now I think both parties are a disgrace and I wish Trump could make America Great Again!  

If he and Hilary both go the distance, it’s going to be one helluva race to the finish folks.  And like the rest of the nation, I will be there, front row and center, watching it all unfold...

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