Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!



Our first Christmas in the great state of Tennessee.  It’s been a wild ride so far, I’ve barely come up for air.  The house is starting to look like an actual house instead of a warehouse, thank goodness.  The downstairs is 90% done, next week we tackle upstairs.

It may seem like a strange thing to feature Dish Washing Detergent in a Christmas post, but there’s a message here.

I discovered Method Clementine Soap at the greatest Kroger’s I’ve ever been to, less than a mile away, but that’s for another post.  Let’s just say I’ve never been a fan of Kroger, but this store just knocks it outta the ballpark.  But back to my story...

So I buy this dishwashing detergent on a whim because it has a pump, come home, take it for a spin and oh my, I’m in love.  The clementine smell is so fresh, it’s just amazing.  Apparently they make this in many different scents, so Jan the lemon lover will be trying that one, soon.  I then go back to Kroger several times, thinking I will pick one up for Deanna (daughter-in-law)  and this product is totally sold out, so apparently I’m not the only fan.  A couple of days ago it was restocked, I picked up a couple of more bottles and gave her one.

I talked to her yesterday, the subject came up and she, too fell in love with it.  But here’s the Christmas part of this story, she said to me, “It’s the little things that make a difference.”  She gets it, she totally gets it, it is just the simple little things, a note, a phone call, a simple little joy gift that can bring pleasure to someone’s day.  So this Christmas season, give the gift of yourself.  Pick up that phone, send that email, take a minute to make someone’s day special.

Merry Christmas to you all, I’ll be in touch soon.  People have been asking for pictures, It won’t be long.

Huge hugs from our 73 degree weather here in Florida, um, no, it’s Tennessee, Jan, Tennessee.



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