Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Tennessee..


Country Music Stars, Steel Guitars...

Hubby turned 71 this past August, and it was a wakeup call for us.  We’re getting older, and we've had several conversations this summer about why we are in living here when our family is in Lexington and Nashville, Versailles and Franklin to be exact.  We love the Lexington area, it’s a beautiful place and we always enjoy our visits there so much, but this old country girl’s heart has always been drawn to the hills of Tennessee.  Mild winters, southern hospitality and beautiful scenery, everything I love. Well, the diners with sweet tea, beans and cornbread are an added bonus, too.

So, after a trip to Florida in early September, we came back thru Nashville, hooked up with a great realtor, looked at houses and on Labor Day, we bought a home in Spring Hill, just a stone’s throw from Franklin, twenty minutes or so down the road from John, Deanna and Lexi.  Then we came home and put a for sale sign in the yard at our condo, and sold it on the same week on Thursday.  It’s been an absolute whirlwind, but we feel that we made the right choice for our golden years and we are so excited about moving to Nashville!  Every time we tell people where we’re relocating to, without fail, they break out in a huge grin and start telling us how much they love Nashville, too.  People are moving to the area at the rate of eighty-five per day, we love that Spring Hill is more rural, and we have easy access to shopping without having to fight traffic.

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We’ve decided to abandon the condo life and the pricey HOA fees, and instead we bought a model home in Spring Hill that will work well for us.  Everything we need, including the master bedroom is on the first floor, but the upstairs has a loft that we can use as a sitting area with media center, a bedroom with en suite, two more bedrooms and another bath.  We’ll use one bedroom as a playroom for the grandkids, another bedroom with twin beds for them and the bedroom and en suite for family and guests.  It will be so much fun when Ryan and Lindsay visit, we were always so cramped in the condo, we often stayed at our neighbor Marti’s, so now we’ll have plenty of room for everybody to spread out.

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 Foodie Jan is excited about having a big kitchen again, our family always gathers in the kitchen and now we will have plenty of room without being cramped. And since it was a model home, it has great landscaping, too, well, maybe a few changes will happen cause that’s just the way I roll. :)

We won’t be able to move into our house until December, so everything is in storage and Ryan and Lindsay invited us to stay with them, so we’re relocating to their house for a short time.  We’re looking forward to spending extended time with Abby and Ben, giving Lindsay a break so she can get her holiday shopping done, and before you know it, we’ll be Nashville bound.

We didn’t expect this late(r) in life relocation, I always just assumed that my next home would be Shady Acres, but we’ve been here fourteen years and you think differently in your 50’s than you do in your 60’s and 70’s.  I’m excited to get to decorate another house, we’re both excited about exploring the hills and hollers and the country life and we’re glad we didn’t wait any longer to do this, moving is always stressful and this has been quite a challenge., 



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