Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wendy's Chili Dupe

Wendy s Chili Recipe

I love Wendy’s Chili, and yes, I know they use their leftover hamburger to make it, that doesn’t really bother me, and it tastes closer to homemade than other chili I’ve tried in restaurants.  It’s surprisingly low in calories and I’ve always loved it over a baked potato.

I make really good chili, but I wanted to try a Wendy’s Dupe, and I found my way to MamaLovesFood.  Her adaptation looks good and the comments were positive, so I’m going to try it.  I'll cut it in half though, this makes a boatload and hubby and I can’t eat that much chili and I don’t want to freeze it.

So hop on over to her site and check out her recipe, looks like a winner to me...

Picture from MamaLovesFood website


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