Monday, August 1, 2016

Abby's Annual Summer Visit

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Abby’s summer visit was last week.  She’s almost seven now, and it’s all about silly faces, giggling and nicknames.

P-Pa is now “Peeps"

Grammie is now “Grams"

Maggie is now “Mags"

And finally, Boo-Boo Kitty is now “Boobs"

We had a great visit, she built a horse at Build-a-Bear, we went to see The Secret Life of Pets, which was a huge hit, we went to restaurants, she played in my office and was on the computer Googling everything she could find out about horses.  She now drives the golf cart by herself, with Peeps behind her, those little legs are so long she can work the gas and of course that was an absolute thrill for her to be able to do it.

She’s also brutally honest, here is a snippet of one of our conversations:

Abby: Grammie, you look really pretty today
Me: (warm fuzzy feeling) Thanks, Abby
Abby: Ya know all those wrinkles around your eyes?
Me: (warm fuzzy feeling quickly evaporating) Oh-oh, here it comes...
Abby: When you smile your wrinkles are really, really deep and they kinda turn up and it looks like you have extensions on your eyelashes
Me: Uhhh....
Abby: You really should look in a mirror Grammie, you have lines all over your face, not just around your eyes

I just cracked up when she said this,  there is no filter at this age and it’s so refreshing.

Visits are too short, families live too far apart, but we appreciate every single moment we have with our grandkids.  They are all amazing little souls and the joy of our lives...


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