Monday, April 11, 2016

You don't have to pluck or wax your eyebrows



Now don’t go freaking out on me, somehow the thought of shaving your eyebrows is a scary thought.  Okay, so I don’t shave my eyebrows, I  now shave under my eyebrows, and the first time I did it I was a little apprehensive, but it’s not a big deal and wow, it’s so much easier than plucking, which we’ve all been doing our entire life or going to a salon and coughing up the bucks for a wax.  I have used hot wax at home, I don’t really suggest this is you are slightly ditzy like yours truly, who one time had the wax drip on my eyelashes.  Oh, that was a fun look until they grew back out.  Who doesn’t like to go around with a chunk of missing eyebrows, not something I would suggest you do...

So, it’s another YouTube tip.  Quit rolling your eyes, I know you are, thinking, “here she goes again!”  These are such great ideas, and I always share the good stuff.  So order these little beauties from Amazon, only $4.39 Prime and in two days, you can have awesome results with just a few strokes of this little shaver.  I put a dab of foam on my eyelids, pull them taut, and carefully shave at a slight angle in an upward motion.  No pain, none, nada, no teary eyes either. Wipe off the foam, gel, lotion, whatever you use, but please use something to make your skin more pliable  and TADA, you have perfectly smooth underbrows.  I just touch up a bit directly under my brows with tweezers and I’m good for a few days.

Here’s Tammy’s original video, she shaves the peach fuzz off her entire face, oh the joys of post-menopausal women.  I don’t have to do that, but some of you might want to give it a go.

And I’m not finished yet, I have lots more ideas for you, I’ll be back in another post with more.  Oh, quit rolling your eyes.  Stop it right now!  You know I always give you great tips :-)

The Amazon link is below, now hop over there and order these pronto, these are cheaper than a trip to Starbucks!  They have other brands in your local drugstore, but according to Tammy, these are the best and this lady knows her stuff.

Here’s the click, go for it!

And here is Crazy Miss Tammy and her defuzzing video.   

I’m thinking I need a sign-off tag for these posts.  Tammy’s is “Be happy, be healthy, be beautiful, but most of all be lovable"  Mary Ellen’s is “It’s all good, it is ALL good”  So what could mine be, hmmmmm, how about “Old age is kicking us all in the ass, don’t go down without a fight.”  Uh, maybe I better work on that a bit.  Have a good day and give this a try, it’s a pinkie swear good tip.  ~ Jan


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