Thursday, March 24, 2016

S'well Bottle Review



Okay, I did it, after contemplating over this for weeks, I coughed up the big bucks and bought this water bottle.  It was $35, way beyond my threshold of pain for a water bottle, but I have four friends that have it and it’s a hit with them, so I jumped on the band wagon, too.

S’well’s claim to fame is that it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.  And does it, yep, sure does.  If I put ice in one morning and don’t drink it all, it still has ice the next morning.

But, who doesn’t drink it all in one day, I refill it multiple times, and since I’m not a water drinker, I squirt liquid flavor enhancer in it.  My brand of choice is Crystal Light Liquid, favorite flavor seems to be Strawberry Lemonade.  I’ve tried them all and like them, but I reach for the Strawberry Lemonade more than the others.  I started with Mio, they’re both made by Kraft, the hype is Crystal Light appeals to the older generation, Mio, the younger.  Need I say more...

So once I made the monumental decision to spend $35 on a water bottle, for some reason that price just seemed excessive, next came color choice.  I got opinions from my girlfriends, waffled back and forth between this color, Blue DenimOpal Marble and Lily Wood were all in the running.  The problem is that they have a badzillion fifty-seven choices.  I finally decided on Birds of Paradise, pretty melon color, catchy name, I ordered it (free shipping, no tax) it arrived, I took it out of the box and whoa doggies, was it ever bright.  NEON MELON DAY GLO BRIGHT.  I was horrified at first and was going to return it for a more subdued color, but then I realized I was just being silly and the color is now growing on me.  It is definitely a summer color!

Would I purchase it if I had to do over?  Sure I would, I’m a bells and whistles girl and this meets all the necessary requirements.  In fact, I’m such a fan I’m thinking of ordering hubby one in Teak Woodgrain.  So that would be $70 dollars for two water bottles.  I just won’t think about the cost, seriously, it’s well worth the money, I’m a huge fan.

You interested?  Here’s the click, go for it, see if you can decide which color you want. :)


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