Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Spanish Peanuts

You know how you forget about things, I go to the store buy the samo dry roasted nuts and then last weekend I had a flashback to Spanish peanuts, redskins.  Yep, I was one of those kids who put peanuts in her Coke, ummm, make that Pepsi.  I haven’t had Spanish peanuts in years, decided to pick them up at Walmart, WRONG, then I went to Target, looked there WRONG then CVS, WRONG, so now I’m on a mission, stopped by Walgreens to buy them WRONG.  What the heck, is there a Spanish peanut shortage???

Finally found a store brand in my local market, and yep, they’re as good as I remembered.  Maybe today’s younger generation doesn’t know about these little papery morsels of goodness, there has to be a reason nobody is selling them.  Hubby and I devoured a can in no time.  So I bought more today and now I’m on a quest for a cute dispenser.  You like this little squirrel one?  Me, too, I’ll just buy it WRONG - it’s nowhere to be found online.


Yes, I know it’s really cute, REALLY cute, but I’m tellin’ ya, you can’t find them.  Now they have bunnies, valentine hearts and Christmas trees on them.   The squirrels are long gone :(

I’m really bored, too - yet another snowy day.  I was watching Pioneer Woman at lunchtime, it was summer, the grass was green, they were tailgating, a breeze was blowing, I could have just cried!
I keep reminding myself that a few years ago my neighbor’s Mary Jane Magnolia was in full bloom on March 17th.  And mother always said, “Early Easter, Early Spring” and Easter is really early this year, so here’s to hopin...


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