Saturday, December 12, 2015

A stocking stuffer idea...


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It’s winter, your skin is dry, and it’s always your back that you can’t reach with lotion.  You know the area, right between your shoulder blades, and of course where you can’t reach is where it itches the most.

I found this nifty lotion applicator on Amazon, and it was $6.01 Prime, shipped to my door.  i ordered it, and it’s wonderful!  You just put lotion on it, slather it on your back and go ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  And yes, I know the tp is in the trash can, it’s where I store my extra rolls :-)

Cleanup is easy, you just give it a quick wash in the sink and hang it to dry.

I just bet some of you either need this or know that somebody that does.  It’s those little things that do it every . single . time . . .

Here’s the link - $6.01 - simply amazing….

Friday, December 11, 2015

Get rid of wrinkles with NO effort!


Okay, you’re getting dressed and your favorite shirt, the one you just have to wear is wrinkled.  If you have a husband like mine, he’s pacing the floor or in the car with the motor running (after 44 years he knows better than to honk :)

You have no time to iron it, and it’s the one thing in your closet that doesn’t make you look like e’l porko the pig, (okay so that’s not politically correct, but that’s the way I roll) but no worries, just throw it in the dryer with a couple of ice cubes and in 5 minutes the heat from the dryer and the melting ice will steam the wrinkles away.  

Just a quick tip that will make you less frazzled.  And it works, it really works.  ~ Jan

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