Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Daily Dose of Cuteness...



I haven’t posted pictures of the grandkids in awhile, but this one of Lexi was too cute to not share.  LC got her the little Barbie Jeep and she’s mastered how to make it go.  She twists that handle and she’s off, with Daddy trailing her as she’s still trying to figure out how to steer it.

She’s such a little cute patootie, rockin’ her Vans in this picture.   She’s in big girl shoes now...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ethel Mertz's Birthday


Vivian Vance would have been 106 years old today, but to me she’ll always be Ethel, and always be ageless.  I’m such a fan of Lucy and Ethel that I named my computers after them.   I know, crazy, but I love it when Lucy’s name scrolls across one screen saver and Ethel scrolls across the other.  I’ve been meaning to name rename LC’s, as well, Ricky of course :-)  My friend, Marti, also has a birthday today, you’re in good company, Marti!

Vivian Vance’s most famous character Ethel Mertz was a less-than-prosperous landlady of an East 68th Street Manhattan brownstone, owned along with husband Fred Mertz. Fred was played by William Frawley, who was 22 years older. The 2 actors shared great on-screen comedic chemistry, but they really did not get along when not filming & never socialized. Vance complained about his age. Frawley had heard that she stated that he should be playing her father rather than her husband. Apparently Frawley loathed Vance on sight.

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