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Bras and Bandeaus



As we age there are two things that are not attractive.  Saggy boobs and cleavage.  And thanks to my daughter-in-law, I have the answer to both!  Lindsay is my go-to girl, she’s invaluable!

So let’s talk first about those girls that hang low and wiggle to and fro.  It’s bad, bad, bad, and if you’re busty like yours truly, it’s a real problem.  Let’s face it, older women have banana boobs and I have yet to see anyone of a certain age that’s perky.  It just doesn’t happen.

Do a side profile of yourself with your bra on.  The girls should sit midway between your shoulder and your elbow, but if you have an ill-fitting bra there is no way that this will happen,  There is nothing worse than saggy boobs that jiggle when you walk because your bra isn’t supporting you.  Been there, done that, but not for a few years, thanks to Lindsay’s knowledge.

Many years ago Oprah addressed the problem, she sang the praises of Wacoal bras and how wonderful they were.  I bought really pretty Wacoal’s, but they were pricey and didn’t give me any more support than what I had been wearing, so I went back to the samo Lily of France, Olga, etc.

Then Linds told me about Wacoal Sports Bras.  Oh, how do I describe these bras,  they’re industrial strength, they hoist you up, they smash you down, they’re amazing.   New ones always fit tight for a short time, you have to break them in like a new pair of jeans.  At first, you may think they are too tight and they’re uncomfortable, just give it a few days and they will be fine.


Okay, so you’re looking at this picture and you’re thinking, “but they’re not pretty.”  Nope, but they do the trick, can’t you tell by looking at this how much support they have?  Look at the back and the way the straps adjust, they have hooks that slide into little pockets in the fabric, it works great.  The front is seamless, it looks smooth under your clothes and they come in black and blue iris, as well as the nude that is shown.  They cost $65 and trust me, it’s money well spent!  I went to my local Dillards to be measured and if you’re interested in these, be measured (Nordstroms has great bra fitters if you have one close to you) or you can do it yourself from their website.  I’ll post links below.  I bet you don’t wear the size you think you do, either and it is shocking when you find out what your real size is.  These bras are also cut high, they don’t show cleavage which brings me to my next point.

Cleavage… showing cleavage when you're older is not attractive, period!  We’re no longer firm, we have age spots and skin like saran wrap, cleavage doesn’t look sexy on older women.  We had our day, so leave that look to the younger ladies, do everyone a favor and cover it up.

Since this Wacoal Sports Bra is high cut, you can see from the picture that it’s a real problem with v-necked tops in the summertime.  I always wear v-necks and scoop necks because they balance out my face and chest.  This brings me to the other problem, what to wear over this bra so it doesn’t show with lower cut tops.

Unfortunately a lot of us of a certain age have the shape of a fire hydrant with breasts.  The last thing we need is to add more bulk by putting a tank top underneath our scoops and v-necks.  It adds even more thickness to your waist and it’s hot and it’s clingy.  Silky cami’s aren’t the answer either, they don’t look right with knits, and if you buy a knit cami, you have the same problem you have with the tanks.  At one point I even tried the “as seen on tv” clip on triangles that you hook to the front of your bra, what a disaster that was, I should have known that wouldn’t work.

I was talking about this a couple of weeks ago with Linds, telling her how I’m always tugging on my top so my bra doesn’t show, and she told me the answer was to buy bandeaus.  I didn’t quite get that, since bandeau’s are those cute little strapless bra tops the younger girls wear, but she told me to buy them and put them over my bra.  Then she gave me a link for Groupon for a package of 6 for $32.  I ordered them Monday, they arrived by Friday and let me tell you, once again she knew what she was talking about.  Good price, good quality and good colors.  Works for me...


They come with padding, which is the last thing I  needed, so it took it out.  There is a tiny little hole in the side that you just pull it through.  They come in regular and plus size, of course you know what size I bought, and I took one for a spin yesterday underneath my v-neck knit shirt.  Whoo-hoo, they’re comfy, they don’t move around and they gave me the look I wanted underneath my top!  

I always share the good stuff with you, ladies and I always tell it like it is.  Maybe you, too could benefit from a Wacoal Sports Bra and a package of bandeaus.  Just sayin..  ~ Jan

Now for the links, I know you want them :-)

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