Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Caitlyn, a human tragedy

First of all, let me say that I could care less what Bruce Jenner does to his body, that’s his business.  I feel sorry for the man, he can’t help this, but he’s making his business our business.

We are constantly bombarded with celebrities and the media gushing about Caitlyn.    It’s like the “cool” thing to do, talk about how wonderful this is and how beautiful “she” is.  It’s not wonderful, it’s sad and tragic and it’s painful to watch.  What about his children, they have to be horribly embarrassed by this public display of the new former dad, now mom?  And his mother?  Poor woman, to have all this played out in public, I can’t imagine.

He may feel like a woman, take hormones, enlarge his breasts, shave off his Adam’s apple, reconstruct his facial features, and eventually he will lop off his tallywacker, but he was born a man, he is just making himself into a synthetic woman.  You just can’t change Mother Nature, folks.

He’s turned this personal journey into a public debacle.  He plays to the audience, and why?  For money?  For misguided fame?  It’s such a circus, and it’s so sad for the people who are close to him.  Of course they support him, they love him, but how do you explain this to grandchildren, to older relatives who may not be so enlightened, and to future generations of his family to come.  I hope the best for this man, but despite all the changes he is still a man.  I wish he would quietly go about his life and live it like he chooses, of course that’s now impossible, but so much of this is his fault, he plays to the media.

He needs to go away,  take a sabbatical,  live in nature, pray to whomever he believes in and try to get his house in order.  And if any good can come of this, I hope that young people who struggle with gender identity can have the courage to learn from this tragedy and live their true life from an early age, instead of waiting until they are in their mid-sixties, like he did, after he’s built a family, a reputation, a distinguished career, and have it all come tumbling down like a house of cards.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Waterpik, It's a Good Thing...


You all know I share the good stuff, and even though I’m a little late jumping on the Waterpik bandwagon, this is too good to keep to myself.  Maybe some of you have thought about it but haven’t pulled the plug yet, and if you’re on the fence with this, just go for it!  And if you already use this, you’re just nodding your head and thinking, “Jan, Jan, you should have done this years ago.”  

This all started six months ago when I had my teeth cleaned and the dental tech told me that their entire office uses a Waterpik.  As she was chipping away at my plaque, I’m sure she was thinking, “this woman needs this, seriously.”  I’ve always been a consistently 2-3 times a day brusher, I floss regularly, but obviously this wasn’t enough.  I know, I know, too much information, but I’m just setting this up so hang on.

So last week was my six month appointment and this old(er) girl got an A+, with very minimal cleaning.  And why?  Because I listened to to the tech, and to my buddy V, who is also a fan of water flossing.  Shortly after that last checkup I bought this duo, the sonic toothbrush and the Waterpik and started brushing my teeth with the sonic toothbrush and then immediately rinsing thoughly with the Waterpik 2-3 times a day.  

Oh, it wasn’t fun in the beginning, my lower gums were sensitive and it hurt when the water blasted them, but after a week or so it was fine.  I quickly became a fan because your mouth feels so clean, and obviously this really works.

You can just buy the Water-Pik without the toothbrush, but it’s $70.99 well spent, in my opinion, to have this duo setup.

Think about it ladies, it really is amazing.  I should have done this years ago...

Here’s a quick link to buy from Amazon.

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