Saturday, April 18, 2015

Purple Ball Jars Have Arrived...


Oh my, I think this is the best color yet.  I got mine at Target today.  Won’t they be pretty filled with fleurs this summer...

And then, of course you need a Chicken Wire Flower Frog.  

51 SFw9J+jL SY355

$6.99 on Amazon

Want it more rustic?  Description says this is a crackle black/red lid.

61pJEIfdk3L SL1000


Here’s the rustic link

Are you cheap and want to make them yourself.  Not worth it to me for $6.99 but hey, go ahead, knock yourself out if you’re in a creative mood.


Here you go, a DIY Tutorial

I love options.  BTW, if you order from Amazon, check the width on your jar, I haven’t measured yet to see if these are for standard or wide mouth jars.  It says 3” so I’m thinking it’s for widemouth.


~ Jan ~

Monday, April 13, 2015

Jan and Her Three Wheeled Bike


I’ve had a three-wheeled bike for years.  Mostly it’s been stored in the attic and periodically in the spring hubby will bring it down because I’ve decided once again that I will ride it.  

And today is the day, it’s time to once again discover the joys of biking triking. He got it down from the attic, which was a total feat because it’s so bulky, aired up the tires,  adjusted the seat and I was off.

Hey, it’s more fun than I remembered as I sailed down the drive.  Oh, I had forgotten how freeing it is to ride, feel the wind in your face, it’s like I’m a kid again, riding the streets of Enfield.

Through the neighborhood I go, it’s a cool day, my hair is blowing in the breeze, the birds are singing.  Boy Howdy, am I ever having fun riding down a hill.  Then the return trip begins and I have to peddle uphill.  It’s not so fun anymore, in fact it’s pure torture.  OMG, this is why the damn thing is in the attic.  My thighs are quivering, I’m panting like a racehorse, I ache all over. What made me think I wanted to ride this gadawful contraption in the first place.

It’s sitting in the garage now, glaring at me.  Hubby suggested that I might want to take baby steps, just ride it for short distances until my muscles get used to it.  Yeah right, in a pigs eye...

Egads, we don’t realize how out of shape we are until we do something like this.  Whatever made me think that I would enjoy this again at my advanced age?  Wicked contraption, that bicycle, I think it’s possessed by the devil!

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