Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WAZE Navigation is AWESOME!!!!


I wish I would have thought to share Waze with all of you before your holiday travels.   It’s the best navigation ever,  it not only navigates and shows your route via voice GPS, it also shows how many miles you have to your destination and estimated arrival time.  It also tells you of traffic jams or road construction and automatically reroutes you if there are problems ahead, and it was recently purchased by Google, so you know it’s good.  And of course it’s hands free.

Waze is a community of people who share information.  It will tell you when there is an accident, whether it is minor or major, when a car is parked beside the road, and yes, it informs you that there are police ahead so you can adjust your speed.

You can input your destination, share it with friends and family and they can map you as you travel and see your ETA for your final destination.  You can also message them along the way and It even tells you what speed you’re traveling at.

Below are a couple of videos to get you started.  Download the App from your iPhone or Android device, give yourself a user name I’m CousinMinnie (I was in Nashville when I signed up, I did it on a whim (Minnie Pearl) - jeez, it was a good idea at the time, but you know how impulsive I am.

Just download it and play with it, you’ll figure it out in no time and here are a couple of tutorials to get you started.

Talk about a good thing - this is absolutely fantastic.

Enjoy ~ Jan





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