Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kardashian Hair Brush and Comb




First of all, I’’m not a fan of anything Kardashian, and I really don’t like endorsing anything they offer, I just don’t understand the fascination with a family that does absolutely nothing to acquire their wealth.

However, I ordered some pants a couple of weeks ago from Macy’s, and they were on sale, plus another whatever percentage off, they came to like $19 and change and I needed $25 for free ship or shipping was going to be $9.85.

Well that was stupid to just give them that money, so I started looking for what they had that would get me to the free shipping point.  And that’s where the Kardashian’s come in, I was looking at things $15 and under and they had this Kardashian nylon, boar bristle paddle hairbrush for $12.99, it had excellent reviews, so I ordered it.

They also has a Kardashian back comb for $6.99, so I got that too.

Boy,  was I pleasantly surprised when they arrived in the mail!  The brush was really substantial, a nice heavier weight, a good size and the bristles were great! The comb was good, too, not lightweight at all, a double row of teeth, it works really well.  I hate to say it, but I don’t know when I’ve bought nicer products for this inexpensive of a price.

So, even though I still detest anything Kardashian, I highly recommend both of these products if you need stocking stuffers or want a cheap treat for yourself.

They’re both a good thing ~ Jan

Brush Link

Comb Link


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