Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pioneer Woman's Dishes Now in Walmart Stores


The quality is excellent for the money.  All of her line is so inexpensive, I was really skeptical, but I ordered online as soon as they were available a few weeks ago.  They arrived and I’m really liking everything I got.  I bought Charlie The Ranch Dog Cookie Jars, they’re just darling for under $13, I also bought dishes and flatware.

So yesterday, I was reading Ree’s blog and she said that they were available in Walmart stores, and yesterday was the first day.  Some of the pieces I want aren’t available online, so I called my closest Walmart ASAP to find out if they had them yet.

Okay, you won’t believe this one.  Whoever I talked to in housewares must be living under a rock.  I said to her, “Do you have Pioneer Woman’s Dishes on the shelves yet?”  And do you know what she replied to me.  Are you ready for this???

She said, and I quote.  “I’m sorry, but Pioneer Woman didn’t come to work today.”  HUH, WHAT!!!!!!!!  I asked her if she knew who Pioneer Woman was and she said, “no, but she isn’t here.”   What? What?  She didn’t know who Pioneer Woman was, but she knew that she didn’t come to work yesterday.

Unbelievable, just totally unbelievable!!!!!  That is all.  ~ Jan


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