Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kim Davis, who do you think you are?


This . woman .  just . makes.  me . see . RED...

For me it has nothing to do with gay rights, it’s about upholding the law!  Why does she think she has the right to refuse to issue marriage licenses?  What makes her so morally superior that she doesn’t have to obey the laws of this country?

She’s absolutely entitled to her beliefs, but when they interfere with performing her job, she should just remove herself from her position.

Since she’s an elected official she can’t be fired, but she can be impeached!  To do so would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so that’s not plausible, but this is just so wrong on so many levels.  Again, I repeat, who does she think she is to not obey the laws of the land!  Shame on you, lady, you should not be at work today, you should be in jail!

An interesting side note to this is that she, herself, has been married four times.  Yes, four  times. I realize the underlying issue here is not how many times Ms. Davis has been married, or even if she’s married at all. The problem is her apparent decision to pick and choose on what biblical grounds should control who is able to obtain a license authorized by law.

Doesn’t that make her religious conviction wear a little thin?  Just sayin...


  1. I agree - situations like this have happened throughout history where rich and powerful men used those vulnerable individuals to advance their cause. Soon, the powers that be will find a more sympathetic character to work with and they will drop Ms. Davis - and so will go the media attention. In a few years, TV news will write an update on her and we will find that this ruined her life, she divorced again and may even spend time in a mental facility or jail.

    This happens so often, I am surprised that the poor and disenfranchised have not caught on yet. But, Ms. Davis seems to believe she is carrying the torch for all those who think gay marriage is an abomination - when in reality - there are public relations folks propping her up currently so those running for office on the Ban Gay Marriage ticket won't loose their momentum for one more day or week.

    Sorry, off my soap box for now.


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