Friday, May 29, 2015

Temporary Credit Cards





This is quite possibly one of the best things I’ve found yet.  I read about temporary credit cards  and then researched it further.  This morning I called my credit card provider, Bank of America, and asked them about it.  Their customer service agent highly recommended using a temporary card for online purchases, their service is called “Shop Safe."

Here’s how it works.  First you find out if your credit card provider offers temporary credit cards, if they do, it’s available on their website after you log in.  

Then, pretend for instance that you are buying a magazine subscription online.  This is a biggie, because you can’t do it anymore without “automatic renewal.”  They give you a good rate to hook you, then next year they bump up the renewal rate and you can’t cancel it on your credit card.  But, if you use a temporary credit card, these are only good for as long as you desire, you control how long you want it to be active, whether it be 15 minutes, 15 hours, 15 days, or longer.  Then it expires after the time you set and next year when that sneaky magazine subscription tries to charge you an atrocious rate, they can’t because the credit card isn’t valid.

They have no idea that you are using a temporary credit card, this is just between you and your provider.  Pretty awesome, isn’t it.

Just sharin’ the good stuff.  ~ Jan


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